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Dantela 2011 by Diane Katsiaficas

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This project was created by one of the art departments faculty, Diane Katsiaficas.
This project consists of six silk organza curtains each with laser cut patterns that resemble traditional 'dantela', (lace threadwork).
Each pattern symbolizes one of six important environmental issues today.
1. Climate Change
2. Water
3. Renewable Energy
4. Waste and the necessity for reuse and recycling
5. Biodiversity
6. Protection of endangered species
Each curtain measures: 91.4 cm x 122 cm
The curtains were exhibited in the show, Design 2011: Ecology - Modern Technologies, in the Municipal Gallery of Athens, Metaxourgeio Building, Athens, Greece
Dec.15, 2011- Feb 8, 2012.

dantela composite_sml.jpg

recylce motif2207.jpg

recycling sml.jpg

Light is shown on the curtain to create a shadow doubling the appearance of the image creating depth.

Cut to fit

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Check out this entry on MAKE's blog: CNC Joinery Notebook. If your interested in laser cutting 3D structures this is another excellent visual guide.


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BoxMaker is an excellent website where you can input dimensions and tolerances and they will generate a PDF you can edit in Illustrator to cut a notched box on a laser-cutter.


Example Images

Tested Materials List and Laser Kerf Adjustments

3/16" white maple veneer press-board
Hand Pressure, Cut Width = 0.0125
Hammer Pressure, Cut Width = 0.015

1/4" and 1/8" Harboard
Hand Pressure, Cut Width = 0.015

Make your dream machine

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Robives provides a library of simple flash animations that illustrate various kinds of kinetic motion. If you're interested in laser cutting parts that move and transfer power, this place helps you visualize the forces that be.