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Cut Laser Cut and Wood Veneer Inlays

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Cut Laser Cut is a laser cutting service based in the UK. They have a great blog showcasing things related to the field and their projects they are working on. One such project was a wood veneer inlay project. Here is a link to the post which contains some good pointers in how to setup a project.


CULT Moon Cake Packaging

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This packaging project was created by Brandon Sim. The project highlights a unique way to create packaging that allows the viewer to see the package contents through a cutout screen that has a geometric floral pattern cut out of it. The project is featured in further detail on the dieline and on lovely package.




The coaster shows how the design element of the cut out screen can be extended into other brand elements.

OUTLET Magazine Stand

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OUTLET magazine sourced the creation of this low waist interlocking wood magazine point of purchase display. This project illustrates other ways create box like structures other than using finger joint systems such as BoxMaker. The design also highlights the importance of thinking about how to minimize waist of material, a problem that is important to think about regarding the material dimension limitation of laser cutters. Here is a link to the source article on Behance.



University of Minnesota College of Design

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Ellen Schofield, currently working on her MFA at the University of Minnesota College of Design, has created an interesting blog geared towards helping Graphic Design students at the college. The College of Design offers many great tools including laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC machines to name a few. More information can be found on their facilities at the DigiFabLab.

I would like to highlight one of Ellen's posts about Connor Murphy who incorporated the unique application of the living hinge in his glasses case featured below.