Edge Lit Laser Etched Acrylic



Here is a beautiful example created by Artifacture of edge lit laser engraving on acrylic.


By shining a light (like an LED) on the edge an acrylic sheet the laser etching will appear to be almost holographic and lift off of the surface of the acrylic. Here is a link to the original article.


It's a totally splendid work, it is well known the difficulty of working with these materials by heat generated by the laser. a work of contemporary art, which marks a new step.
corte laser

Laser Etching is a common process of marking different types of materials. Basically, a laser is just like a pencil.

That is, after the laser beam has been emitted, different patterns can easily be traced using the beam which is controlled by the controller.

The controller does the following:
• Controls the intensity of the beam.
• The spread of the amount of beam reaching the surface.
• The direction of the beam.
• The speed of movement.

Most companies which offer laser etching services do etch a wide range of materials which include: metals such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and steel; coated materials; glass; granite and marble.

Different metals require different etching techniques.

For instance, laser doesn’t etch non-treated surfaces well and thus, there is always need to spray a chemical layer on the metal’s surface before introducing the laser light.

In most cases, laser etching is done with the help of a marking chemical. The laser light heats up the marking chemical thereby etching the material.

The details of the etched images are permanent and are affected by chemicals, solvents, weather or salt water.

A good laser etching service provider should etch in any vector with both high levels of precision and intricate details.

A good number products such as company logos, production codes, lot numbers, part numbers, barcodes, serials numbers etc. are laser etched making this process very useful in most industrial production processes.

It is a complex process which requires CNC machines though, very cost effective since it is a non-contact marking technique and thus wear and tear or the bit heads is completely eliminated.

Laser cutting technology is one of the most cost effective and reliable way to mark products.

Therefore, the technological advancement in this particular field is mainly geared to produce complex and repetitive cuts.

With the help of the CAD software and the CNC machines, customizing and producing these shapes has been possible.

In fact, there are certain software which can allow up to nine different colors to be used. With such software, attaining both unique powers and speeds can be achieved using the same file setup.

To increase quality of the finished product and control, certain advanced features such as cut optimizer and pierce delay can be implemented using these laser software.

Moreover, laser machines with a pressurized nozzle can shoot air making the end product to be smooth and clean.

The resolution of these machines will also determine the quality of the end product. For instance, there are machines which can achieve high resolutions between 150 dots per inch and 600 dots per inch.

In most industrial applications, the resolutions range between 50 dots per inch and 1200 dots per inch. Therefore, you have to establish the resolutions a laser etching company machines can attain.

It is also worth noting that the etching speeds can also be determined by nature of the material, the capability of the laser machine used, the desired depth and the part size.

Etching photographs into wood, marble and mirrors is also possible with the new software available in the market. With some special software, converting a gray scale image to a .tif file is much easier.

The technological advancement in laser etching industry is still going on and the faster a laser etching service provider embraces these technological advancements, the better.

A good laser etching company should guarantee quality work, fast turnaround, have an equipped studio to design the art work, quality laser etching machines, experience and be reliable.

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