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Robert Feyereisen is an accomplished model maker who graduated from the University of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in architecture. Recently the Pioneer Press wrote an article about Robert and some of his projects including a laser cut cardboard model kit he has been making of the Stillwater Lift Bridge. The article provides an interesting insight on how an artist can turn a profit off of a laser cutter and it can be read in further detail here.


To see more of Roberts projects or even buy one of his models you can visit his Etsy shop here.

Twin Cities Maker and The Hack Factory

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The Hack Factory is a maker space created and ran by the group Twin Cities Maker located at:

3119 E 26th St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

The Hack Factory is a great place for people interested in fabricating things or connecting with others who do. They have a lot of great resources including tools, machinery and group knowledge. The group has open work time and space and also hosts classes for a variety of interesting subjects. In general the group and space is great for artists who are graduating and looking for continued access to a lot of tools and knowledge found here at the University.

Here is a great video that briefly shows some of their space.

Cut Laser Cut and Wood Veneer Inlays

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Cut Laser Cut is a laser cutting service based in the UK. They have a great blog showcasing things related to the field and their projects they are working on. One such project was a wood veneer inlay project. Here is a link to the post which contains some good pointers in how to setup a project.


The Mill

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The Mill is a facility located at:

2300 Kennedy Street NE
Suite #130
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 259-7509

With membership to The Mill you are given access to a variety of fabrication machines including a laser cutter, CNC machine, plasma cutter and 3D printer to name a few.

The Mill is a great resource for students who have graduated and no longer have access to University of Minnesota facilities. It is also a great location to take specialty workshops or even teach your own class.


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Engrave is a very interesting small laser cutting firm. They have created some interesting products that illustrate how a small business might be created around a laser cutter. Here is a link to their flickr account.




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SNIJLAB is a young and innovative laser cutting company in Rotterdam, Netherlands. They have been working on some interesting laser cutting techniques such as the flexible wood "living hinge" featured in the image below. Here is a link to their flickr page for other projects by them.