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Custom Turntable Enclosure by Anthony R. Kling

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This is a repost from my website


I was recently commissioned by my stepsister to build an enclosure for her turntable to keep it from getting dusty. I took the opportunity and used it as an avenue to both explore and blur the lines between synthetic and natural materials.


The enclosure utilizes the element of nesting in its design. The nested layers and transitions from dark wood to light to metallic and silver plastic help to elevate the sense of preciousness in the ritual of playing a vinyl record.



The Pause Play buttons were streamlined into the surface of the wood for a more preferred tactile and visual experience.


Here is an image of the enclosure with the lid on.


Here is a close up of the 45 adapter that is laser etched onto the top surface of the enclosure.

Project created by Anthony R. Kling.

Knife Template by Paul Linden

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Paul Linden a member of the Technical Staff here at the department used the laser cutter to create templates that were used for tracing onto metal (for the blade) and wood (for the handle). After he traced the template he cut the metal and wood out using traditional methods. Paul also used the laser cutter to design a template for the silhouette of the knife handle. Once all the pieces were cut he assembled, sanded and sharpened the final product as seen in the photo below (the final knife show was made from a similar but differently dimensioned pattern).


Puppet Stage by Karen Haselmann

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This project was created by one of the art departments technical staff Karen Haselmann for puppeteer Anne Sawyer-Aitch. The project that the stage was designed for was awarded a 2012 grant by The Jim Henson Foundation. Laser technicians CĂ©lestine Pueringer and Anthony Kling facilitated in the operation of the laser cutter for this project.


Beginning design and fabrication process.


The finished piece painted and in action.


Closeup of illuminated screen.