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PePaKuRa Designer

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Pepakura Designer allows you to create paper craft models from 3D data. Pepakura Designer is developed in Japan and has been translated to English. This software is open to the public as shareware so you can download and try it freely although some advanced features are limited until you purchase a license key.

Note: Pepakura Designer does not contain software to create the original 3D models, but instead translates them to a 2D printable format. Pepakura supports some 3D file formats from software such as 3D Studio, LightWave and Softimage. Pepakura also supports files in the freeware format from "MetasequoiaLE".


The above project was made by VisualSpicer and here are some more images related to that specific project.


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Make Magazine has posted a short article about kerf-bending and how a CNC router could be used to create this process. Perhaps this same method could be used via the laser cutter etching process.


Cut to fit

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Check out this entry on MAKE's blog: CNC Joinery Notebook. If your interested in laser cutting 3D structures this is another excellent visual guide.


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BoxMaker is an excellent website where you can input dimensions and tolerances and they will generate a PDF you can edit in Illustrator to cut a notched box on a laser-cutter.


Example Images

Tested Materials List and Laser Kerf Adjustments

3/16" white maple veneer press-board
Hand Pressure, Cut Width = 0.0125
Hammer Pressure, Cut Width = 0.015

1/4" and 1/8" Harboard
Hand Pressure, Cut Width = 0.015

Make your dream machine

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Robives provides a library of simple flash animations that illustrate various kinds of kinetic motion. If you're interested in laser cutting parts that move and transfer power, this place helps you visualize the forces that be.