Visit the CNC Router

The CNC router can be used for cutting 2D part files, drilling and 3D machining or any combination of these functions. The CNC router has a 4'x6' bed with a 6" gantry clearance (Z height).

The CNC Router is available for use by enrolled students, faculty and staff in the Department of Art at a cost of $5/15 minutes (machining time).

The Router is available for use by non Department of Art students, faculty and staff at a cost of $25/15 minutes (machining time).

Appointments must be made for both consultations and machining time. Please e-mail Robin at to setup an appointment. Available dates and times can be found on the Router Calendar. No machining will be done without a preliminary consultation to set up files, create toolpaths and select correct bits. After we review and start your file, users are required to observe the router while it is in operation. Only lab technicians are allowed to start the CNC Router.

For more information visit the CNC Router blog.


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