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The T-Shirt Issue by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski

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The T-Shirt Issue by Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski combines a variety of digital fabrication tools and traditional fabrication methods to create a unique visual aesthetic.


The creators of this project digitally scanned the human figure and then deconstructed it into polygonal form with a 3D modeling program. From there they took the model and deconstructed it into faces. These faces were then sewn together similar to the pattern making process. Below are images of the faces apart and the inside view of them sewn together.



For further details about this project found on yatzer see the original post here.

For information about PePaKuRa Designer, a program one could use to achieve a similar effect of unfolding a 3D model, visit our post on it here.

Laser Cut Record by Amanda Ghassaei

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Amanda Ghassaei, after creating a 3D printed record, has recently created a laser cut record. Amanda took a digital audio file and wrote some custom code to convert that file into a series of vector paths that the laser cutter can use to vector etch into almost any material to create a playable record.


This image shows a record etched into wood.


Because the width of the laser beam cannot achieve the microscopic detail of a vinyl record there is some quality loss in the final playback and the full record can only hold three minutes and ten seconds of audio. Despite these technical limitations you can still make out the songs played with amazing clarity as seen in the video below.

And to make this project even better Amanda has written an extremely well made instructable that can be seen here, detailing all the steps you need to take to make your own record from any source audio file.

Rollware by Altered Appliances

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Rollware by Altered Appliances is a project created by Joanne Choueiri, Giulia Cosenza and Povilas Raskevicius. The idea behind the project is to create a set of eatable plates patterned and then cut out with two sets of rolling pins.


The patterned set of rolling pins were created with a laser cutter, utilizing a rotary attachment. (A rotary attachment is a device that sits in the laser cutter that rotates an object around as the laser cutter etches the surface, it allows for curved and cylindrical objects to be etched in a continuous and consistent manner here is a link to a video of one in action)


Here is an image of the finished product.


This project is particularly interesting with respect to the laser cutter because it shows how one can use the rotary for alternate uses besides just etching glasses and bottles. It also shows how you can re-purpose existing things via the use of a laser cutter. Potentially this idea could be taken a step further and someone could make a continuous patterned stamp with a rolling pin type object.

Here is a great video demoing how the project works.

Edge Lit Laser Etched Acrylic



Here is a beautiful example created by Artifacture of edge lit laser engraving on acrylic.


By shining a light (like an LED) on the edge an acrylic sheet the laser etching will appear to be almost holographic and lift off of the surface of the acrylic. Here is a link to the original article.

Sun Cutter

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The Sun Cutter created by Markus Kayser is a naturalistic alternative to conventional high powered laser cutters. The original video can be found here.

Markus Kayser - Sun Cutter Project from Markus Kayser on Vimeo.

Constructable - Direct drawing with the Laser Cutter

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Stefanie Mueller, Pedro Lopes, and Patrick Baudisch at Hasso Plattner Institute have created an "interactive drafting table" by allowing the user to draw directly onto an object with a hand held laser pointer. The laser pointers movements and gestures are captured by an overhead camera and translated into commands for the laser cutter, eliminating the need for a drafting program.

More detailed information on how the system works can be found here. But in short the overhead camera captures movement and gestures which are translated into previously configured commands that can be used to generate specific types of actions such as rounding corners, creating points, removing material, etc. The overall effect is a much freer way of working with the laser cutter that affords a more step by step iterative design process.


Chicago Style Laser Cutting

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"Here's a great example of what you can do with the laser cutter if you put your mind to thinking outside the standard box. This project was created by laser cutting 256 frames and syncing them up to a read poem." -Axis of Output

Our laser friends at SAIC are a busy bunch:

Go to SAIC's Service Bureau and
Advanced Output Center Blog

James Piatt

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James Piatt is an American designer that has incorporated use of the laser cutter into his whimsical handbags featured below and sold on his website.


The Pursuader





These examples do an excellent job in highlighting how the laser cutter can be used for working with leather and it's potential for commercial applications.

Promotional Pieces

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In this post we will take a look at three projects that relate to self promotion, all of which were found on Behance. The first project discussed is by Christine Johnson and can be seen in further detail here.



This Promotional piece is representative of a way to create a higher quality three dimensional leave behind. It can be recreated at relatively low cost monetarily and time wise and showcases creative ability, three dimensional knowledge, graphic design skill and experience with laser cutter fabrication.

This next project showcases a promotional business card of sorts created by Tsay Tzong-Lian. Below is a photo of her project and a video of it in action can be found here.


This project does a great job of marrying content and functionality. Tsay is a Mechanical Engineer, which complements her use of the Geneva Wheel mechanism to creatively display her contact information. For further information on different types of gears and mechanisms see our previous post here.

This last example was created by the Industrial design Department at SCAD as part of a promotional tool, distributed to prospective students. For further information visit the original post here.


This project is another good example of making promotional pieces that have functionality to them, making them a constant reminder to those who choose to use them. The info graphic explaining how to assemble and use the pieces is a nice touch that is both informative and a good use of time saving vector marking.



s.phy.180.76 by Casey Mahon

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The project s.phy.180.76 created by Casey Mahon found on Behance is a great project not only for the beautiful three dimensional light fixture created but also for the technical qualities of its redesign.


This project shows yet another way the laser cutter can be used to create things that go beyond the two dimensional with the exploiting the bendable nature of certain woods via the the use of smaller cut out pieces and pivoting fasteners.


Whats also interesting is how Casey took previous plans for an earlier version and was able to make his redesign more efficient in terms of reducing cut time, number of unique parts and reducing assembly time (2 hours cutting/4 hours assembly vs. 47mins cutting/1 hour assembly).


Redesigning LED Packaging by Bryant Lee

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Redesigning LED Packaging is Bryant Lee's Senior Thesis at the School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan and is a project featured on The Die Line.



Bryant utilized the laser cutter to create different design iterations for the packaging, some of which can be seen in the image below.



Ultimately the final design utilized laser cutting perforation to create a collapsible structure that was used for protective padding and perforation to create a hexagonal prism for the outer packaging container. This project illustrates the importance of revision iterations in the design process.

The Fox with the Golden Fur

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Ultra Creative has designed this wonderful piece of packaging that includes some whimsical use of the laser cutter.


The Fox with the Golden Fur, as blogged about by The Die Line, is a creative set of packaging for a box of four chocolate bars and accompanying story book.


The imagery on the wrappers of the chocolate bars interacts with the laser cut vignettes and as you pull out the chocolate bars the wrappers and the vignettes correspond to the progression of the short story that comes in the box.


CULT Moon Cake Packaging

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This packaging project was created by Brandon Sim. The project highlights a unique way to create packaging that allows the viewer to see the package contents through a cutout screen that has a geometric floral pattern cut out of it. The project is featured in further detail on the dieline and on lovely package.




The coaster shows how the design element of the cut out screen can be extended into other brand elements.

OUTLET Magazine Stand

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OUTLET magazine sourced the creation of this low waist interlocking wood magazine point of purchase display. This project illustrates other ways create box like structures other than using finger joint systems such as BoxMaker. The design also highlights the importance of thinking about how to minimize waist of material, a problem that is important to think about regarding the material dimension limitation of laser cutters. Here is a link to the source article on Behance.



University of Minnesota College of Design

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Ellen Schofield, currently working on her MFA at the University of Minnesota College of Design, has created an interesting blog geared towards helping Graphic Design students at the college. The College of Design offers many great tools including laser cutters, 3D printers and CNC machines to name a few. More information can be found on their facilities at the DigiFabLab.

I would like to highlight one of Ellen's posts about Connor Murphy who incorporated the unique application of the living hinge in his glasses case featured below.


Bridgette Meinhold has written a very interesting article oh how the laser cutter has been used to create guerrilla marketing promotional material via the use of laser cut leaves. You can find her article here.


Laser Cutter at the Parsons The New School for Design

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A course at Parsons "Art for the Internet" has been using the laser cutter to help fabricate many of their projects. On the course resource page you can see many interesting student projects.


The project featured above was created by Yu-Hsiang "Shaun" Chung.

PERF Laser Cut Apparel

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PERF creates unique laser cut patterned t-shirts for men and women. This example shows how the laser cutter can be a powerful tool for apparel or textile design.


Laser Cut Dollar Bills by Scott Campbell

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Scott Campbell has used the laser cutter in a unique way by layering laser cut dollar bills to create three dimensional imagery within the boundaries of the bills.



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TLC, The Laser Cutter - devoted to all things laser cut and etched
TLC is an amazing visual blog of laser related projects. TLC has hundreds of posts of unique projects that illustrate different ways to use the laser cutter. TLC also has many useful links to tutorials and different laser cutter artists and design groups.


Vikuiti Rear Projection Film developed by 3M

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There are many unique ways of utilizing the laser cutter in new media installations. 3M has developed an adhesive backed film that can be applied to glass or acrylic surfaces, allowing for the projection of video from behind to appear extremely clear and visible in brightly lit conditions. When used in conjunction with the laser cutter on acrylic surfaces the unique forms of images can appear super realistic such as the person depicted in the video below.

The Lasersaur

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The Lasersaur is an open source laser cutter designed by NORTD Labs.


NORTD Labs provides open source documentation in addition to a parts and vendor list so that you can both purchase and assemble the parts necessary to create your very own machine. The designs are still in the beta testing stage but NORTD Labs reports multiple success stories from early adopters.