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There was so much happening at our February screen printing workshop with students from FAIR School Downtown that we needed two posts to capture it all--keep reading for more pictures...


FAIR School Downtown students came back to the Regis in Febraury for screen printing. The workshop was based on the exquisite corpse concept and was led by Ben Brockman with help from Paula Marty, Edie Overturf, Maneli Aygani, Laura Bigger and Ter├ęz Iacovino. It was an amazing day!

Roosevelt High School: Ceramic Collage Vase Workshop

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In February, Ceramics Professor Tom Lane led students from Roosevelt High School through a workshop crafting collage vases. The results are amazing!


The foundry strikes again--but this time with students from the Perpich Arts High School! On October 14, 2011 students from Perpich toured the Regis and the Katherine E. Nash Gallery before making relief sculptures. Once again led by Professor Wayne Potratz and Co. students produced a variety of original artwork.


On September 30, 2011 students from FAIR School Downtown came to the Regis and worked in the sculpture foundry. Sculpture Professor Wayne Potratz led the workshop and, with help from Paul Linden, Meagan Daus and Joe Kelly, a lot of great work was produced. And fire! There was a lot of fire...

FAIR School students touring the Quarter Gallery

Welcome to the Regis Experience Blog!

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Students from the FAIR School Downtown with many, many red squirrels

In the Fall of 2011, we kicked off a series of day-long workshops introducing high school students to the Department of Art and the Katherine E. Nash Gallery. Each workshop includes almost a full day of studio art curriculum and the results have been a lot of really cool students making a lot of really amazing art. This blog will chronicle the fun so check back often for pictures and updates!

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