Goodbye, STELLAR! Stellar 再见啦

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Yesterday afternoon we said a bittersweet goodbye to our time in the STELLAR program as the 23 STELLAR students passed on what they had learned to their classmates who arrived within the last week. Divided into four groups based on the topics they studied in class--environmental studies, art, history, and CMR--the students presented information about the liberal arts and about studying at UMM to their peers from China and around the world.

I know I speak for all the staff members when I say what was a pleasure to spend time with the STELLAR students over the last month and how much we'll miss living with them and spending our days together. We all hope the students from STELLAR will take the time to keep us informed about their lives at UMM this year!

As we say goodbye to STELLAR and hello to the 2011-2012 Morris academic year, I'll leave you with a few more of our favorite photos from the program. So many wonderful memories!

昨天下午,我们的23名学生正式和stellar说再见啦。在告别表演中我们向刚刚到达morris的新生展示了我们在过去四周内所学习到的东西。根据我们所学习的科目,我们被分为四组:环境,艺术以及历史,语言交流。 学生们要针对所分配到的话题进行一个演讲。


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This weekend we participated in a special annual boat race held every year in Starbuck, a small town near Morris. With Ocean keeping a steady rhythm for us on a giant drum at the front of the boat, we rowed together for two races, competing against local teams. We didn't win the race, but we had a great time!

这周六,在一个临近morris的小镇----Starbuck,我们参加了他们每年都会举办的龙舟比赛。 Ocean在船头为我们击鼓打节奏,其余所有人一起努力按照节奏划桨,虽然我们在与当地队伍中的对抗赛中输了,但是不可否认我们度过了有趣的一天!

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After our day in Starbuck, we stayed in Morris on Sunday and went to the Stevens County Fair. We've been learning about Minnesota culture throughout the program in an elective on culture and cooking taught by Nancy, and the fair gave us an even better taste of the customs of people who live in and around Morris. We had a chance to see some of the area farm animals up close and experience the rides, games, and food that American county fairs are known for. And thanks to the new cowboy hat that he bought at one of the fair's many booths, Raymond even looks like a true rural Minnesotan!

In addition, this weekend was the first we spent with all the other international students as well, rather than just STELLAR; the other SUFE arrivals were very excited, I'm sure, to have such a warm welcome from their STELLAR classmates. It's great to have the campus bustling again with the other international students, and it will be even more lively come Sunday when the incoming American freshmen arrive!

在周日我们参加了morris的嘉年华活动。 在过去的时间中,通过stellar我们已经学习了明尼苏达州的文化,Nancy还教了我们怎么做明尼苏达的特色食物。 这次嘉年华给了我们一个更好的机会去近距离了解当地人民的生活习俗。我们看到了许多当地牧场的动物,还骑了马,玩了很多小游戏,品尝各种美国嘉年华中特色食物。 嘿嘿~拜一个从诸多嘉年华摊位中的其中一个摊位上买来的新的牛仔帽,Raymond看起来就像是一个真正的来自明州草原的牛仔!
此外,这是我们第一次与其他所有的国际学生一起度过的周末。其他刚到达的财大学生都时分的兴奋,我非常取定在经历了stellar学生热情的欢迎后,他们一定感到非常的温暖开心。 能够与所有的国际学生一起使校园再度热闹起来使非常棒的,而随着所有新生的到来,校园将会越发的热闹!

This week is the last week of the STELLAR program, and the STELLAR students are preparing to welcome some of their other friends from SUFE who will arrive tomorrow night. However, before we say goodbye to the program for good, we had a special party to celebrate our time together for the past 3 weeks.

We started the party with some refreshments and lemonade as the students had a chance to talk to some of the professors they have gotten to know over the past weeks. Even the chancellor of Morris, Jacqueline Johnson, stopped by to see what the students have been up to! After we finished eating, we made our way into the recital hall where the mentors and some of the students shared some of their favorite memories of the program. In her speech, Betty joked with her classmates about the cold Minnesota winter that they will soon experience and talked about how STELLAR is only the beginning of their experience at UMM.

这是stellar的最后一周,stellar的学生们也已经做好迎接今晚到达的其他财大的学生的准备。 但是,在我们与stellar说再见之前,我有一个特别的晚会去庆祝我们过去三周一起度过的时光
在晚会的开始,我们准备一些点心和茶水,学生们有机会与过去几周教导他们的教授聊天谈心。 甚至是学校的校长----Jacqueline Johnson都专门到来准备观看学生们的表演! 在结束我们的茶点聚会后,我们以我们喜爱的形式像所有的学生及老师展现了我们过去几周内的经历及开心的回忆。 在Betty的演讲中, 她开玩笑道:在我们真正体会了明尼苏达州的寒冷之前,stellar只能算是是一个对umm的初始体验!

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After students had shared their experiences and received a certificate for completing the program, many students shared with us some of their talents--and a talented group of people they are! Several of the students sang and a couple more, Ocean and Basha, shared their piano skills. One of the professors, Matthew Zook, played his guitar for us as well.

Some of the students even performed a special Indian dance that they learned just the day before from Indian STELLAR staff member Swati Narayan. They even borrowed some authentic Indian clothing from Swati that completed their act. We were all very impressed!

在学生们分享了他们的经历以及为他们颁发了证书后,许多学生都开始表演他们的才艺,嘿嘿!集结人才的队伍啊!!一些学生演唱,一些学生表演了钢琴,例如Ocean 和 Basha。 教授Matthew Zook更是像我们展示了他精彩的吉他弹唱表演。
有些学生甚至像我们展示了一个特别的印度舞蹈表演,她们向来自印度的Swati Narayan (stellar工作人员) 那里学来的,还特地借了一些正宗的印度服装。印象深刻啊!

indian dance 1 cropped.jpg indian dance 2 cropped.jpg indian dance 3 cropped.jpg

ocean and tracy performing.jpg

For the end of the presentation, Mohamed, one of the program mentors, prepared this special slideshow with lots of great pictures taken over the course of the STELLAR program: STELLAR Enjoy!


This week STELLAR students learn about the major of Communication, Media, and Rhetoric (or CMR) with Morris professor Barbara Burke. Dr. Burke will teach them about some strategies for good public speaking, which will come in useful for next week as the STELLAR students prepare to present what they've learned during the program to their classmates who have not yet arrived to Morris.

We got the week off to a good start with a meal the students prepared at the home of Nancy Pederson, one of their professors. Nancy taught the students how to make many dishes that are traditionally associated with Minnesota culture including lutefisk, chicken and rice hot dish, caesar salad, jello, chocolate chip cookies, and the prettiest fruit pizza that I've ever seen!

这周stellar的主题是媒体交流的学习。 教授Barbara Burke. Dr. Burke教导学生如何更好做公共演讲,这对于 stellar的学生是非常有用的, 因为他们将在下周像还没有来到的财大的同学的面前讲述他们在stellar期间所学的所经历的一切。
我们在教授Nancy Pederson的家中一起准备了晚餐,这是一个好的开始。 Nancy教了我们如何做明尼苏达州的特色传统菜, 这其中包括了鸡肉米饭,色拉,果冻,巧克力曲奇,以及我所见过的最漂亮的水果派!

dragon boat 005.JPG

dragon boat 007.JPG

The sun returned on Sunday in time for us to return to the stunning views of the North Shore on a boat called the Vista Fleet. The occasion called for many pictures of the beautiful scenery and of each other. And, lucky for us, the people planning and Pow wow noticed the improved weather, too, and chose to reschedule for Sunday afternoon. As a result, we got our chance to see a dance performed to bring healing to loved ones who are sick or suffering. We also had time to browse at the beautiful crafts being sold in tents around the performance itself; some of us even bought some of the intricate handmade jewelry. Before making the long drive back to Morris, we also had time to stop at an aquarium in Duluth, where we were able to see a lot of the animals that call Lake Superior home. The cute river otters gliding through the water were a particular favorite!

周日的早上,我们来到了风景壮丽的北岸参观了名为Vista的舰队艇。 于此时,我们照了很多美丽风景的照片。 最幸运的是组织Pow wow的人似乎也注意到了近两天天气的好转, 所以他们计划于今天下午进行表演。 所以我们很荣幸的参观了这个会为我们所爱的人带来健康的传统表演。 我们还有机会在周围的一些帐篷内买一些当地的工艺品, 有些还买了一些精致复杂的手工制作的首饰。 在要启程会morris之前, 我们还在水族馆做了一番停留,在这个被称为苏必利尔湖的家的地方,我们看到了许多动物。 最招人喜爱的就是在水中滑翔的可爱的水獭!


Sightseeing in Duluth 观光duluth

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After a busy day at the Boys and Girls Club, we decided to unwind with a nice dinner out and a movie--Disney's Finding Nemo--projected on a huge screen in a local park. The foreboding clouds earlier in the evening made us worry that it was going to rain, but it turned out to be a perfect summer night. Unfortunately, however, the nice weather lasted no longer, and we arrived at the community of Sawyer midday Saturday just in time to see the sky open up and the Pow wow get cancelled. We'll all just have to remember to make sure to attend the Pow wow in Morris later this year! In spite of the drizzle, we made the most of our day visiting Lake Superior's famous Split Rock Lighthouse and then headed to the beautiful Gooseberry Falls. I think everybody around could tell we were having fun as we helped each other venture out on the slippery rocks at the base of the falls and walked around with our umbrellas singing Westlife's "You Raise Me Up!"

在度过了在男孩女孩俱乐部的忙碌的一天后,我们决定放松一下,出去吃一顿美味的晚餐,在当地公园看一场露天电影--海底总动员。 先前傍晚的乌云让我们十分担心今天会下雨,但是没过多久乌云就散了,变成了一个美好的夏日之夜。不幸的是好天气并没有保持多久, 当我们中午赶到Sawyer社区的时候被告知了Pow wow活动被取消了。但是我们都记住了我门稍后一定要来观看Pow wow! 尽管下着毛毛雨, 我们还是把大部时间都用来参观著名的苏必利尔湖(世界第一大淡水湖)的分割岩灯塔, 然后我们前往美丽的Gooseberry瀑布参观。 我想周围所有人都可以看出我们十分的快乐,我们相互扶持着试图走过瀑布地段湿滑的岩石并且举着伞大声高唱西域男孩的"You Raise Me Up!"



Though the STELLAR students have been busy with their regular classroom assignments for the past week, they have been preparing for a special event this weekend as well. The three-credit course that the students take during the program includes a service-learning component. Service-learning is a special program at UMM that incorporates community service and civic engagement activities into classes so that the experience at once helps students learn about the community and serves community needs. For the service-learning component of their STELLAR class, students developed projects that would help teach children ages 6 to 12 about Chinese culture. After hard work getting ready, they at last had the chance to meet the students!

We were surprised to learn when we arrived that the children had also been working hard to prepare for our visit. They had been studying China for the past week and made us a welcoming sign decorated with a Chinese flag and a replica of the Great Wall of China made entirely of candy and toothpicks! The children were happy to see us, and taught us many of their favorite games before we all sat down together for lunch. We took so many great photos with the children that it is hard to decide what to include--so you'll have to look for more on the new STELLAR Flickr account!

bgc 018.JPG

bgc 019.JPG

After lunch we began the teaching portion of the day, giving the children a chance to learn about China through the projects that the STELLAR students had prepared. The projects ranged from teaching the children Chinese songs and stories to traditional games to simple cooking and paper folding.

bgc 027.JPG

Many students commented on the beauty of Chinese crafts, and others were surpised to find they liked cucumbers when mixed into a tasty Chinese salad! The STELLAR students worked hard, but made the day a very exciting one for the children. In fact, the Program Director at the Boys and Girls Club told us that the children were having some of the most fun she's seen in her year working in the program. And, as we tiredly left, we saw many excited children waving goodbye and heard a chorus of "sheh sheh." The students were telling us thank you--in Chinese!

History week is under way 历史进行时

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This week the students delve into yet another aspect of UMM liberal arts when they learn about American history, beginning with a trip to the Stevens County Historical Society. The week focuses on Native American history (and incorporates current Native American culture), which is an important culture to understand, particularly for students at Morris; what is now the campus of UMM was once a boarding school for Native American children. UMM History Professor Stephen Gross taught us about the Dakota War, and students had a chance to practice their writing skills as they thought about the causes and effects of the conflict. In addition to Dr. Gross' lecture on the history of Native American peoples, a professor of Dakota Language classes at UMM got the students on their feet and learning some traditional dances when he visited class to share with the students a bit about Native American traditions and ceremonies. We'll put to use our knowledge and maybe even our dancing skills at a Pow Wow, a special Native American ceremony, when we travel to Duluth this weekend!
以Stevens County Historical Society (一个当地社区的历史展览协会)之旅为起点, 这一周stellar的学生投入到了另一个文科科目的学习中,那就是美国史。 我们将会专注于美国本土历史的学习,同时教授会结合一些当代的美国本土文化,这些都是美国文化非常重要的部分,特别对于初到美国并且需要学习了解美国本土文化的stellar学生来说! UMM的历史学教授Stephen Gross向我们讲述了Dakota War(达科他之站), 并且让学生们发挥他们的写作能力去描绘他们对于这场战争的感想,是什么导致了这场矛盾以及战争的影响。 除了Gross教授关于本土文化的课程,一位教导Dakota语言的教授还教导了学生一些传统舞蹈,他还与学生分享了一些本土的传统仪式。 在我们下周去duluth的旅行中,我们将会参加一个本土的传统庆典,那时我们讲又机会向外展示我们刚学到的只是以及我们的舞蹈~

Quite a busy day! 忙碌的一天!

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Our last day in Minneapolis was a pretty eventful one because we spent time at two of Minnesota's greatest treasures: the Mall of America and Valley Fair, the biggest and most famous amusement park in Minnesota. During our morning at the mall, some people shopped for cell phones and others picked out stylish swimwear as they anticipated the fun water rides we would have a chance to try later in the day. The day was a hot one, but students made the most of it, trying the roller coasters and the icy treats that Valley Fair has to offer. We all enjoyed seeing the pictures taken while we plummeted on the park's most famous roller coaster, the Wild Thing, and some people even bought a keychain with their picture on it to keep as a souvenir. Early in the afternoon, several of us tried ride called the Power Tower that dropped us from 250 feet in the air. I thought the ride was pretty thrilling and was surprised to learn from some of the students that China has a similar ride--but more intense! We finished our day by cooling off at the water park, which was the day's highlight for many of us.

我们在明尼阿波利斯得最后一天无疑是非常忙碌得,我们在一天之内游玩了两个明尼苏达洲的地标性建筑,Mall of America(这是全美最大的综合性商场)and Valley Fair (明尼苏达最有名,最大的游乐园,并且只在夏季开放)。今天上午我们在商场时,一些学生买了手机,而在下午的游乐园中有一个水上公园,所以一些学生买了时尚的泳衣以便下午可以尽情玩耍。虽然今天比较热,但是在游乐场里,学生们依然兴奋 (可能有点小害怕lol)地跑去玩过山车等刺激地游乐项目,同时游乐场还为大家提供一些消暑冰品。在做过山车时,有人会负责在那垂直而下地瞬间为大家拍照,大家津津有味地拼论着这些照片,有些学生甚至买了用照片做地钥匙扣作为纪念品。稍后我们有几个人去尝试了从250英尺高空做自由降落地跳楼机。我觉得这个感觉太惊险刺激了,而且我惊讶地了解到在中国也有类似地东西,并且更佳地刺激。最后我们在水上公园感受水带来地清凉及乐趣,而我想这也是我们大部分人所最喜欢地部分。忙碌却充满乐趣及刺激地一天就这样结束了,而我们也将踏上回家地旅程!

valley fair 004.JPG

After our busy day we headed home to Morris, where--thank goodness!--we all had some extra time to sleep in before starting classes this morning.

Today UMM Art Professor Dr. Michael Eble, who has spent the week teaching art to the students as a part of their English curriculum, led the STELLAR group's trip to two art museums to learn about the subject matter firsthand. The pottery and other ceramics pieces from ancient China were particular favorites, along with the work of Dale Chihuly, an artist they had already learned a little about in class this week. Between the day's artistic events students explored Minneapolis dining. One group chose to eat lunch at an authentic Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant where they taught me (or at least, tried to teach me!) the art of using chopsticks. Along with the indoor exhibits, we also crossed the street to visit the sculpture garden, where we took a picture with the most famous statue in Minnesota.

Michael Eble 是明尼苏达大学--morris校区的艺术教授,作为英语课程的一部分,在过去的一周内,他负责向学生们讲述艺术方面的课程。 今天,在他的带领下,我们参观了两座位于明尼阿波利斯的艺术博物馆,通过观看这些艺术品,更加直观的学习艺术知识。其中我最喜欢的是一些古代中国的瓷器以及Dale Chihuly的一些作品,我们已经在课堂上学过一些有关他的知识。 在我们的艺术探索之旅中,我们还享用了明尼阿波利斯的餐饮。其中一组学生选择在一个地道的中国和越南餐馆吃晚饭,他们还尝试告诉我筷子的文化以及如何使用筷子(至少尝试教我了)。 紧接着室内展览参观,我们穿过马路前往雕塑园进行参观, 在那里我们与明尼苏达洲最著名的雕塑一起拍了照片。

minneapolis institute.jpg