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Today UMM Art Professor Dr. Michael Eble, who has spent the week teaching art to the students as a part of their English curriculum, led the STELLAR group's trip to two art museums to learn about the subject matter firsthand. The pottery and other ceramics pieces from ancient China were particular favorites, along with the work of Dale Chihuly, an artist they had already learned a little about in class this week. Between the day's artistic events students explored Minneapolis dining. One group chose to eat lunch at an authentic Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant where they taught me (or at least, tried to teach me!) the art of using chopsticks. Along with the indoor exhibits, we also crossed the street to visit the sculpture garden, where we took a picture with the most famous statue in Minnesota.

Michael Eble 是明尼苏达大学--morris校区的艺术教授,作为英语课程的一部分,在过去的一周内,他负责向学生们讲述艺术方面的课程。 今天,在他的带领下,我们参观了两座位于明尼阿波利斯的艺术博物馆,通过观看这些艺术品,更加直观的学习艺术知识。其中我最喜欢的是一些古代中国的瓷器以及Dale Chihuly的一些作品,我们已经在课堂上学过一些有关他的知识。 在我们的艺术探索之旅中,我们还享用了明尼阿波利斯的餐饮。其中一组学生选择在一个地道的中国和越南餐馆吃晚饭,他们还尝试告诉我筷子的文化以及如何使用筷子(至少尝试教我了)。 紧接着室内展览参观,我们穿过马路前往雕塑园进行参观, 在那里我们与明尼苏达洲最著名的雕塑一起拍了照片。

minneapolis institute.jpg

Just as STELLAR participants spent their first week learning about Environmental Studies on the Minnesota prairie, this week they dove into the discipline of Art, making beautiful collages illustrating the power of a specific place.

art with michael.jpg

And painting isn't the only art form the students excel at; some of us had the pleasure of hearing an impromptu concert yesterday from some very talented STELLAR pianists! We wrap up our art focus this weekend in Minneapolis, where we spent the evening enjoying dinner and the play The Demon Barber of Fleet Street on a Mississippi showboat. The fact that the classic story of Sweeney Todd was here performed as a melodrama gave the students the chance to learn about a unique type of American theater. During the van ride to Minneapolis before the show, the mentors in turn got a taste of contemporary Chinese art as we had the opportunity to hear many of the STELLAR students sing along (very well, I might add) to some catchy Chinese pop songs--along with Michael Jackson and Celine Dion.

Tomorrow we will finish our exploration of the Minnesota art scene we begin with tours of two famous art museums--the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker Art Museum--and end with an outdoor music concert. More to come about our Minneapolis adventures!


绘画并不是唯一一个学生们擅长的艺术形式,昨天我们有些人非常荣幸的听到一场由STELLAR学生钢琴家表演的即兴音乐会。我们的艺术探索之旅将会在明尼阿波利斯进行, 晚上我们在密西西比河上的演绎船中享用了晚餐并观看了表演"舰队街的恶魔理发师"。在这里,传统故事"理发师陶德"以情景剧的形式演绎出来,给学生们一个了解美国一种独特的戏剧形式的机会。在去明尼阿波利斯观看演出前的路上,我们有机会听到许多中国学生唱了一些朗朗上口的中国流行歌曲,以及迈克尔杰克逊和席琳迪翁。


A couple days ago at the picnic many of us had the chance to try our hand at canoeing, and today our skills were put to the test! We packed water bottles and granola bars and, with the help from some leaders from an organization called Clean Up the River Environment (CURE), ventured out for two hours in a local river. Though two students found their canoe flipped over in the water (and many more of us found ourselves caught in weeds at one time or another during our journey!), everyone seemed to be in generally high spirits as we navigated the Pomme de Terre river. After we tiredly made our way back to the dorms, one student shared with her friends on Facebook, "Today, I feel so happy...We got to row the boat, and the scenery here is so beautiful! There are also some funny things happening, hahaha!" I'd say the day was quite a success!

几天前在野餐时,我们有机会接触到了独木舟,并学习了一些相关得技巧。今天我们将会把我们那天学到的技巧投入到实际操作中。我们装好了水瓶和燕麦棒, 在一些来自CURE(类似一种保护清理河流环境的组织)的领队的帮助下, 我们在当地的河流中玩了将近两个小时。虽然有两个学生的独木舟翻入水中 (更多的学生发现他们的独木舟陷入了杂草群中), 但是学生们依然看起来神采飞扬当我们航行在Pomme de Terre上。 在我们疲惫的回到宿舍后,一个学生在facebook上发表状态说"今天我很开心,我们去划船了,而且那里的景色非常美!同时还发生了很多有趣的事情!哈哈哈"。 我不得不说今天的活动是非常成功的!

canoeing photo.jpg

Trip to Alexandria Alexandria之旅

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Today we drove across the Minnesota prairie for 45 minutes to visit the larger town of Alexandria for a movie and some shopping. The movie we saw at the theater in Alexandria, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, received mixed reviews from the STELLAR students, but the theater popcorn received decidedly better ones. After the movie, we spent some time at Walmart and Target, where students bought some of the essentials--shampoo, desk lamps, snack food--and bathing suits and goggles so those who haven't had a chance yet could enjoy Morris' indoor pool and waterslide. Though, sadly, we found that chopsticks were not available at Walmart, the students had a chance to reacquaint themselves with their favorite utensils when we stopped for dinner at the China Buffet before heading home. Many of the students declared the food there the best they had tried so far in the U.S.--but still, for some, not better than their parents' cooking!

今天我们驾车穿过明尼苏达的大草原, 行驶45分钟后来的一个较大的城镇--Alexandria看电影,我们在电影院观看了变形金刚3, 同时听到了stellar学生们各种观点,而似乎电影院里的爆米花得到了"不错"的评价。然后我们去了沃尔玛和Target,在那里学生买了一些洗发膏,台灯,小吃以及泳衣和游泳镜,这样他们就可以享受morris的室内游泳池和滑水。不幸的是我们在沃尔玛没有找到筷子,但是当我们稍后在中国自助餐馆吃晚饭时,他们又有机会使用他们熟悉并喜爱的用餐工具了。许多学生认为这是他们到美国以来吃到的最好的食物,虽然仍有一些学生认为这些饭菜还是不如他们父母做得好吃!

In addition to the fun events that students participate in on weekends to orient themselves with the campus and the community, they also spend some time each day in the classroom earning 3 credits of coursework in the English language. Although the focus of these classes is reading, writing and speaking English, the students also explore a different aspect of a liberal arts education each week. For the first week of the program, as the students get used to the new place they are living in, UMM Professor Margaret Kuchenreuther has been teaching STELLAR students about the discipline of Environmental Studies with a particular emphasis on the habitat that used to cover all of Western Minnesota. Although much of the land near Morris is now farmland, the students had the opportunity to visit some of the precious land that remains native prairie and learn from Dr. Kuchenreuther about the animals and plants that live there.

这周六周日,学生们除了参加一些能够帮助他们熟悉校园和社区的有趣活动,每天他们还花了一些时间在教室中学习一些英语课程,以此来获得3学分。 这些课程主要是关于阅读,写作,和口语的,虽然都是文科教育,但是学生们每周依然会发现一些不同的地方。 这一周, 当学生们习惯了这个新的环境后,UMM的教授Margaret Kuchenreuther开始教授学生一些环境科学。这些课程将会着重于那些在过去曾经覆盖了整个明尼苏达西部的草原,虽然现在许多morris附近的土地已经变成了农田,但是学生依然有机会去参观那些保留了原生草原面貌的珍贵土地资源,并且向Kuchenreuther教授了解一些在当地生活的动植物。

prairie tour.jpg

Today the STELLAR students headed off campus to explore the town of Morris in a scavenger hunt. Among other activities, the students were to get their picture taken in front of the movie theater and then get the picture developed at the local drug store. Another assignment was to collect a fortune cookie at China Buffet. After arriving at the restaurant, the students in one group started a conversation with the owner. We were all surprised and pleased to learn that the owner of the China Buffet in Morris was from Fu Jian, a province of China that many of the group members call home. After hearing the students' request for a fortune cookie for the Scavenger Hunt, the restaurant owner proceeded to offer the students a bag of fortune cookies large enough to share with all their friends!

今天STELLAR 项目学生走出校园,在各自学生顾问的带领下 来到莫里斯镇上开始了探索发现活动。 在这些活动中,有让学生在莫里斯电影院门口合照留念,并在当地药店里冲洗照片,另外一样任务是让同学去莫里斯镇上的中国餐厅收集一种幸运甜点。来到中国餐厅后,同学们和店老板热情交谈,我们惊讶地发现店老板和几个中国学生是老乡,都来自中国福建。

ny group photo blog.jpg

The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! We were so happy to have the chance to greet the last plane today. After many hours of traveling, the students seemed almost as excited to see Minnesota as we were to see them. Now all 23 of the students enrolled in the STELLAR program have safely arrived in Morris! The students have a great month ahead of them, and we look forward to sharing with everyone about all our activities and adventures together!

万众期待的这一天终于来了!我们激动万分地接到了最后一个航班的同学。经过漫漫的飞机旅程,同学们也难以抑制心中的兴奋--终于踏上美国的土地, 开始自己的留学故事。我们也不由自主地被他们的激动所感染,勇敢者大陆的冒险使每个人心中荡起了难以平息的异国情怀。 如今被STELLAR 项目录取的二十三个学生全部安全地抵达莫里斯。 美好的一个月摆在我们面前,我们期待在莫里斯的每个人能与我们分享所有的活动和探险!

Pilar Eble, the STELLAR Program Director, is the coordinator of the International Student Program. Leading the mentors this summer is Godfried Asante, the program assistant, Godfried is an international student from Ghana and a University of Minnesota, Morris graduate. Currently working on a Master's degree in Communication (specializing in Intercultural Pedagogy) at Minnesota State University, Godfried has returned to Morris for the summer to put his experiences and skills to use helping international students.

In addition to Godfried, STELLAR Mentors Mohamed Farah, Meaghan Young-Stephens and Jingxi Jiang, who often goes by his American name "Parker," will all live in the dormitories with the STELLAR students and help with their transition to life in Minnesota. Mohamed is originally from Somalia and spent much of his life in Kenya. He has spent his last three years at Morris busily studying Biology and Pre-Med, but he has not been too busy to play plenty of soccer and run track and field, and, most recently, to learn violin. A UMM senior and a native Minnesotan, Meaghan loves studying English and Political Science at UMM, but also loves taking a break from her studies to ride her bicycle around Morris, or, in the winter, to go skating with friends at the local ice rink. Parker joined us from China only last year and has been extremely successful in transitioning to life in the U.S. and making himself a part of the UMM community. He studies Economics and Statistics and enjoys roller skating, playing basketball, reading, and hanging out.

Though originally from a number of different countries, the members of the STELLAR staff share their love for UMM and their enthusiasm for helping incoming international students make Morris a place they can call home for the next few years. We can't wait to meet the students next week!

首先荣幸地介绍 Pilar Elbe,她是明尼苏达大学莫里斯校区国际学生部主任,同时她也是今夏STELLAR项目总监。Godfried Asante是STELLAR 的项目助理,他负责学生顾问以及STELLAR所有学生,Godfried是一个来自加纳的国际学生,他于2010年在明尼苏达大学莫里斯校区获得本科学位,现于美国明尼苏达州州立大学攻读沟通专业(跨文化教育学专业)硕士学位,Godfried今夏回到莫里斯将竭其所能地用他的经验,学识和技能来帮助国际学生。

除了Godfried,STELLAR 项目还有另外三个学生顾问,分别是 Mohamed Farah, Meaghan Young-Stephens 和 Jingxi Jiang( 通常使用美国名字"Parker")。学生顾问和项目助理将和STELLAR 项目的学生住在同一幢宿舍楼,负责学生起居以帮助项目学生更好适应美国大学校园生活并让学生感受到有如哥哥姐姐般的关怀与亲切。Mohamed出生自索马里,在肯尼亚度过他的大部分时间,最近三年他在莫里斯学习生物学和医学预科,繁忙的学业丝毫没有影响到他对足球和田径的狂热,充满活力的他最近开始学习小提琴,他广泛的兴趣以及生活经历必定能成为项目学生学习的榜样。Meaghan是土生土长的明尼苏达人,现已是大四学生,Meaghan爱学习英语,政治科学,但也爱休闲活动来丰富课余时间, 她爱在秋夏骑着自行车在莫里斯兜风,在春冬,和朋友一起去滑冰场溜冰。善解人意,温文儒雅的Meaghan会充满耐心地帮助所有的项目学生。Parker来自中国浙江,在莫里斯不到一年的时间中已非常成功地融入到美国大学校园中,并且获得了不错的学术成绩,他的专业是经济和统计,他的成功经验将给项目学生如何在莫里斯获得成功带来信心。Parker喜欢溜旱冰,闲暇时会打篮球,热衷于锻炼身体,也喜欢和朋友一起出去瞎逛。

尽管来自不同的国家和地区, STELLAR项目的所有工作人员会分享和撒播他们对明尼苏达莫里斯校区的热爱,并用他们的热情来帮助即将到来的国际学生适应这里,让他们在回头看的时候会说,莫里斯是我在美国的故乡。

STELLAR Program Director Pilar Eble and her family. Pilar's husband, Michael Eble, is a an art professor at Morris and will be working with the students later to the program as they learn about American artists, visit art museums in Minneapolis, and have a chance to make some art of their own.
STELLAR项目总监Pilar Eble和她的家人。Pilar的丈夫-Michael Eble是morris的艺术教授,他将会在STELLAR项目中教授美国艺术,带领大家参观明尼阿波利斯的艺术博物馆,并帮助学生做一些艺术品。

stellar staff (3).jpg
Program Assistant Godfried Asante and STELLAR Mentors Meaghan Young-Stephens, Jingxi "Parker" Jiang, and Mohamed Farah.
项目助理Godfried Asante以及STELLAR的学生领队Meaghan Young-Stephens, Parker, 和 Mohamed Farah

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