Morris community scavenger hunt 莫里斯社区"寻宝"游戏

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Today the STELLAR students headed off campus to explore the town of Morris in a scavenger hunt. Among other activities, the students were to get their picture taken in front of the movie theater and then get the picture developed at the local drug store. Another assignment was to collect a fortune cookie at China Buffet. After arriving at the restaurant, the students in one group started a conversation with the owner. We were all surprised and pleased to learn that the owner of the China Buffet in Morris was from Fu Jian, a province of China that many of the group members call home. After hearing the students' request for a fortune cookie for the Scavenger Hunt, the restaurant owner proceeded to offer the students a bag of fortune cookies large enough to share with all their friends!

今天STELLAR 项目学生走出校园,在各自学生顾问的带领下 来到莫里斯镇上开始了探索发现活动。 在这些活动中,有让学生在莫里斯电影院门口合照留念,并在当地药店里冲洗照片,另外一样任务是让同学去莫里斯镇上的中国餐厅收集一种幸运甜点。来到中国餐厅后,同学们和店老板热情交谈,我们惊讶地发现店老板和几个中国学生是老乡,都来自中国福建。

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