Trip to Alexandria Alexandria之旅

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Today we drove across the Minnesota prairie for 45 minutes to visit the larger town of Alexandria for a movie and some shopping. The movie we saw at the theater in Alexandria, Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, received mixed reviews from the STELLAR students, but the theater popcorn received decidedly better ones. After the movie, we spent some time at Walmart and Target, where students bought some of the essentials--shampoo, desk lamps, snack food--and bathing suits and goggles so those who haven't had a chance yet could enjoy Morris' indoor pool and waterslide. Though, sadly, we found that chopsticks were not available at Walmart, the students had a chance to reacquaint themselves with their favorite utensils when we stopped for dinner at the China Buffet before heading home. Many of the students declared the food there the best they had tried so far in the U.S.--but still, for some, not better than their parents' cooking!

今天我们驾车穿过明尼苏达的大草原, 行驶45分钟后来的一个较大的城镇--Alexandria看电影,我们在电影院观看了变形金刚3, 同时听到了stellar学生们各种观点,而似乎电影院里的爆米花得到了"不错"的评价。然后我们去了沃尔玛和Target,在那里学生买了一些洗发膏,台灯,小吃以及泳衣和游泳镜,这样他们就可以享受morris的室内游泳池和滑水。不幸的是我们在沃尔玛没有找到筷子,但是当我们稍后在中国自助餐馆吃晚饭时,他们又有机会使用他们熟悉并喜爱的用餐工具了。许多学生认为这是他们到美国以来吃到的最好的食物,虽然仍有一些学生认为这些饭菜还是不如他们父母做得好吃!

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