Celebrating STELLAR with amazing student performances 精彩的学生表演

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This week is the last week of the STELLAR program, and the STELLAR students are preparing to welcome some of their other friends from SUFE who will arrive tomorrow night. However, before we say goodbye to the program for good, we had a special party to celebrate our time together for the past 3 weeks.

We started the party with some refreshments and lemonade as the students had a chance to talk to some of the professors they have gotten to know over the past weeks. Even the chancellor of Morris, Jacqueline Johnson, stopped by to see what the students have been up to! After we finished eating, we made our way into the recital hall where the mentors and some of the students shared some of their favorite memories of the program. In her speech, Betty joked with her classmates about the cold Minnesota winter that they will soon experience and talked about how STELLAR is only the beginning of their experience at UMM.

这是stellar的最后一周,stellar的学生们也已经做好迎接今晚到达的其他财大的学生的准备。 但是,在我们与stellar说再见之前,我有一个特别的晚会去庆祝我们过去三周一起度过的时光
在晚会的开始,我们准备一些点心和茶水,学生们有机会与过去几周教导他们的教授聊天谈心。 甚至是学校的校长----Jacqueline Johnson都专门到来准备观看学生们的表演! 在结束我们的茶点聚会后,我们以我们喜爱的形式像所有的学生及老师展现了我们过去几周内的经历及开心的回忆。 在Betty的演讲中, 她开玩笑道:在我们真正体会了明尼苏达州的寒冷之前,stellar只能算是是一个对umm的初始体验!

betty speaking.jpg

After students had shared their experiences and received a certificate for completing the program, many students shared with us some of their talents--and a talented group of people they are! Several of the students sang and a couple more, Ocean and Basha, shared their piano skills. One of the professors, Matthew Zook, played his guitar for us as well.

Some of the students even performed a special Indian dance that they learned just the day before from Indian STELLAR staff member Swati Narayan. They even borrowed some authentic Indian clothing from Swati that completed their act. We were all very impressed!

在学生们分享了他们的经历以及为他们颁发了证书后,许多学生都开始表演他们的才艺,嘿嘿!集结人才的队伍啊!!一些学生演唱,一些学生表演了钢琴,例如Ocean 和 Basha。 教授Matthew Zook更是像我们展示了他精彩的吉他弹唱表演。
有些学生甚至像我们展示了一个特别的印度舞蹈表演,她们向来自印度的Swati Narayan (stellar工作人员) 那里学来的,还特地借了一些正宗的印度服装。印象深刻啊!

indian dance 1 cropped.jpg indian dance 2 cropped.jpg indian dance 3 cropped.jpg

ocean and tracy performing.jpg

For the end of the presentation, Mohamed, one of the program mentors, prepared this special slideshow with lots of great pictures taken over the course of the STELLAR program: STELLAR 2.mov Enjoy!

尽请欣赏:STELLAR 2.mov

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I love the slideshow- great work Mohamed Farah!

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