Dragon boat race and a day at the fair 龙舟比赛----在嘉年华的一天

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This weekend we participated in a special annual boat race held every year in Starbuck, a small town near Morris. With Ocean keeping a steady rhythm for us on a giant drum at the front of the boat, we rowed together for two races, competing against local teams. We didn't win the race, but we had a great time!

这周六,在一个临近morris的小镇----Starbuck,我们参加了他们每年都会举办的龙舟比赛。 Ocean在船头为我们击鼓打节奏,其余所有人一起努力按照节奏划桨,虽然我们在与当地队伍中的对抗赛中输了,但是不可否认我们度过了有趣的一天!

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After our day in Starbuck, we stayed in Morris on Sunday and went to the Stevens County Fair. We've been learning about Minnesota culture throughout the program in an elective on culture and cooking taught by Nancy, and the fair gave us an even better taste of the customs of people who live in and around Morris. We had a chance to see some of the area farm animals up close and experience the rides, games, and food that American county fairs are known for. And thanks to the new cowboy hat that he bought at one of the fair's many booths, Raymond even looks like a true rural Minnesotan!

In addition, this weekend was the first we spent with all the other international students as well, rather than just STELLAR; the other SUFE arrivals were very excited, I'm sure, to have such a warm welcome from their STELLAR classmates. It's great to have the campus bustling again with the other international students, and it will be even more lively come Sunday when the incoming American freshmen arrive!

在周日我们参加了morris的嘉年华活动。 在过去的时间中,通过stellar我们已经学习了明尼苏达州的文化,Nancy还教了我们怎么做明尼苏达的特色食物。 这次嘉年华给了我们一个更好的机会去近距离了解当地人民的生活习俗。我们看到了许多当地牧场的动物,还骑了马,玩了很多小游戏,品尝各种美国嘉年华中特色食物。 嘿嘿~拜一个从诸多嘉年华摊位中的其中一个摊位上买来的新的牛仔帽,Raymond看起来就像是一个真正的来自明州草原的牛仔!
此外,这是我们第一次与其他所有的国际学生一起度过的周末。其他刚到达的财大学生都时分的兴奋,我非常取定在经历了stellar学生热情的欢迎后,他们一定感到非常的温暖开心。 能够与所有的国际学生一起使校园再度热闹起来使非常棒的,而随着所有新生的到来,校园将会越发的热闹!

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