Final week for STELLAR class stellar最后一周的课程

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This week STELLAR students learn about the major of Communication, Media, and Rhetoric (or CMR) with Morris professor Barbara Burke. Dr. Burke will teach them about some strategies for good public speaking, which will come in useful for next week as the STELLAR students prepare to present what they've learned during the program to their classmates who have not yet arrived to Morris.

We got the week off to a good start with a meal the students prepared at the home of Nancy Pederson, one of their professors. Nancy taught the students how to make many dishes that are traditionally associated with Minnesota culture including lutefisk, chicken and rice hot dish, caesar salad, jello, chocolate chip cookies, and the prettiest fruit pizza that I've ever seen!

这周stellar的主题是媒体交流的学习。 教授Barbara Burke. Dr. Burke教导学生如何更好做公共演讲,这对于 stellar的学生是非常有用的, 因为他们将在下周像还没有来到的财大的同学的面前讲述他们在stellar期间所学的所经历的一切。
我们在教授Nancy Pederson的家中一起准备了晚餐,这是一个好的开始。 Nancy教了我们如何做明尼苏达州的特色传统菜, 这其中包括了鸡肉米饭,色拉,果冻,巧克力曲奇,以及我所见过的最漂亮的水果派!

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