Goodbye, STELLAR! Stellar 再见啦

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Yesterday afternoon we said a bittersweet goodbye to our time in the STELLAR program as the 23 STELLAR students passed on what they had learned to their classmates who arrived within the last week. Divided into four groups based on the topics they studied in class--environmental studies, art, history, and CMR--the students presented information about the liberal arts and about studying at UMM to their peers from China and around the world.

I know I speak for all the staff members when I say what was a pleasure to spend time with the STELLAR students over the last month and how much we'll miss living with them and spending our days together. We all hope the students from STELLAR will take the time to keep us informed about their lives at UMM this year!

As we say goodbye to STELLAR and hello to the 2011-2012 Morris academic year, I'll leave you with a few more of our favorite photos from the program. So many wonderful memories!

昨天下午,我们的23名学生正式和stellar说再见啦。在告别表演中我们向刚刚到达morris的新生展示了我们在过去四周内所学习到的东西。根据我们所学习的科目,我们被分为四组:环境,艺术以及历史,语言交流。 学生们要针对所分配到的话题进行一个演讲。


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