History week is under way 历史进行时

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This week the students delve into yet another aspect of UMM liberal arts when they learn about American history, beginning with a trip to the Stevens County Historical Society. The week focuses on Native American history (and incorporates current Native American culture), which is an important culture to understand, particularly for students at Morris; what is now the campus of UMM was once a boarding school for Native American children. UMM History Professor Stephen Gross taught us about the Dakota War, and students had a chance to practice their writing skills as they thought about the causes and effects of the conflict. In addition to Dr. Gross' lecture on the history of Native American peoples, a professor of Dakota Language classes at UMM got the students on their feet and learning some traditional dances when he visited class to share with the students a bit about Native American traditions and ceremonies. We'll put to use our knowledge and maybe even our dancing skills at a Pow Wow, a special Native American ceremony, when we travel to Duluth this weekend!
以Stevens County Historical Society (一个当地社区的历史展览协会)之旅为起点, 这一周stellar的学生投入到了另一个文科科目的学习中,那就是美国史。 我们将会专注于美国本土历史的学习,同时教授会结合一些当代的美国本土文化,这些都是美国文化非常重要的部分,特别对于初到美国并且需要学习了解美国本土文化的stellar学生来说! UMM的历史学教授Stephen Gross向我们讲述了Dakota War(达科他之站), 并且让学生们发挥他们的写作能力去描绘他们对于这场战争的感想,是什么导致了这场矛盾以及战争的影响。 除了Gross教授关于本土文化的课程,一位教导Dakota语言的教授还教导了学生一些传统舞蹈,他还与学生分享了一些本土的传统仪式。 在我们下周去duluth的旅行中,我们将会参加一个本土的传统庆典,那时我们讲又机会向外展示我们刚学到的只是以及我们的舞蹈~

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