More Duluth scenery, and a Pow wow after all! 以Pow wow 结束的duluth 之旅

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The sun returned on Sunday in time for us to return to the stunning views of the North Shore on a boat called the Vista Fleet. The occasion called for many pictures of the beautiful scenery and of each other. And, lucky for us, the people planning and Pow wow noticed the improved weather, too, and chose to reschedule for Sunday afternoon. As a result, we got our chance to see a dance performed to bring healing to loved ones who are sick or suffering. We also had time to browse at the beautiful crafts being sold in tents around the performance itself; some of us even bought some of the intricate handmade jewelry. Before making the long drive back to Morris, we also had time to stop at an aquarium in Duluth, where we were able to see a lot of the animals that call Lake Superior home. The cute river otters gliding through the water were a particular favorite!

周日的早上,我们来到了风景壮丽的北岸参观了名为Vista的舰队艇。 于此时,我们照了很多美丽风景的照片。 最幸运的是组织Pow wow的人似乎也注意到了近两天天气的好转, 所以他们计划于今天下午进行表演。 所以我们很荣幸的参观了这个会为我们所爱的人带来健康的传统表演。 我们还有机会在周围的一些帐篷内买一些当地的工艺品, 有些还买了一些精致复杂的手工制作的首饰。 在要启程会morris之前, 我们还在水族馆做了一番停留,在这个被称为苏必利尔湖的家的地方,我们看到了许多动物。 最招人喜爱的就是在水中滑翔的可爱的水獭!


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