Quite a busy day! 忙碌的一天!

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Our last day in Minneapolis was a pretty eventful one because we spent time at two of Minnesota's greatest treasures: the Mall of America and Valley Fair, the biggest and most famous amusement park in Minnesota. During our morning at the mall, some people shopped for cell phones and others picked out stylish swimwear as they anticipated the fun water rides we would have a chance to try later in the day. The day was a hot one, but students made the most of it, trying the roller coasters and the icy treats that Valley Fair has to offer. We all enjoyed seeing the pictures taken while we plummeted on the park's most famous roller coaster, the Wild Thing, and some people even bought a keychain with their picture on it to keep as a souvenir. Early in the afternoon, several of us tried ride called the Power Tower that dropped us from 250 feet in the air. I thought the ride was pretty thrilling and was surprised to learn from some of the students that China has a similar ride--but more intense! We finished our day by cooling off at the water park, which was the day's highlight for many of us.

我们在明尼阿波利斯得最后一天无疑是非常忙碌得,我们在一天之内游玩了两个明尼苏达洲的地标性建筑,Mall of America(这是全美最大的综合性商场)and Valley Fair (明尼苏达最有名,最大的游乐园,并且只在夏季开放)。今天上午我们在商场时,一些学生买了手机,而在下午的游乐园中有一个水上公园,所以一些学生买了时尚的泳衣以便下午可以尽情玩耍。虽然今天比较热,但是在游乐场里,学生们依然兴奋 (可能有点小害怕lol)地跑去玩过山车等刺激地游乐项目,同时游乐场还为大家提供一些消暑冰品。在做过山车时,有人会负责在那垂直而下地瞬间为大家拍照,大家津津有味地拼论着这些照片,有些学生甚至买了用照片做地钥匙扣作为纪念品。稍后我们有几个人去尝试了从250英尺高空做自由降落地跳楼机。我觉得这个感觉太惊险刺激了,而且我惊讶地了解到在中国也有类似地东西,并且更佳地刺激。最后我们在水上公园感受水带来地清凉及乐趣,而我想这也是我们大部分人所最喜欢地部分。忙碌却充满乐趣及刺激地一天就这样结束了,而我们也将踏上回家地旅程!

valley fair 004.JPG

After our busy day we headed home to Morris, where--thank goodness!--we all had some extra time to sleep in before starting classes this morning.

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