Sightseeing in Duluth 观光duluth

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After a busy day at the Boys and Girls Club, we decided to unwind with a nice dinner out and a movie--Disney's Finding Nemo--projected on a huge screen in a local park. The foreboding clouds earlier in the evening made us worry that it was going to rain, but it turned out to be a perfect summer night. Unfortunately, however, the nice weather lasted no longer, and we arrived at the community of Sawyer midday Saturday just in time to see the sky open up and the Pow wow get cancelled. We'll all just have to remember to make sure to attend the Pow wow in Morris later this year! In spite of the drizzle, we made the most of our day visiting Lake Superior's famous Split Rock Lighthouse and then headed to the beautiful Gooseberry Falls. I think everybody around could tell we were having fun as we helped each other venture out on the slippery rocks at the base of the falls and walked around with our umbrellas singing Westlife's "You Raise Me Up!"

在度过了在男孩女孩俱乐部的忙碌的一天后,我们决定放松一下,出去吃一顿美味的晚餐,在当地公园看一场露天电影--海底总动员。 先前傍晚的乌云让我们十分担心今天会下雨,但是没过多久乌云就散了,变成了一个美好的夏日之夜。不幸的是好天气并没有保持多久, 当我们中午赶到Sawyer社区的时候被告知了Pow wow活动被取消了。但是我们都记住了我门稍后一定要来观看Pow wow! 尽管下着毛毛雨, 我们还是把大部时间都用来参观著名的苏必利尔湖(世界第一大淡水湖)的分割岩灯塔, 然后我们前往美丽的Gooseberry瀑布参观。 我想周围所有人都可以看出我们十分的快乐,我们相互扶持着试图走过瀑布地段湿滑的岩石并且举着伞大声高唱西域男孩的"You Raise Me Up!"



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