Iteration 1

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As my partner and I worked on Iteration one of the project, we discovered many things on how, if we were presented another chance to do it again, we could do it better and in a more efficient and productive manner.

How many countless times have we been frustrated by a bug in our code that we just can't find? The best benefit I found working in pairs was that there was always someone there to help me look over the code to find my bugs. Sometimes it's not just the bugs that we have problems with but also how to approach and solve a problem; with this my partner and I were able to discuss and come up with the most viable solution to go about a problem. Working with the partner was good and made Iteration one easier, because we were able to split up the work and use our time most efficiently. We were able to divide the workload so that it was easier to do the project and spend more time to focus on the individual parts we were working on and work on it the best we possibly can.

The most important thing I found when working in pairs was the planning stage. I found that if we had planned better we could have more efficiently worked in pairs. When both your partner and you know what the plan is, you can code more efficiently knowing what your partner is working on. For example if we are each making an important function which relies on each other's function, and one function does not output enough information for the other function to work properly; fixing this issue could turn out to be tiresome task because we would have to change our code. This could create bugs in our code from changing the code. So if you work with your partner and plan these things before you start coding and working on your individual responsibilities it can save time and future bugs in our codes.

The biggest things I took out of this experience that I will keep practicing are the design phase and the consistency of the way I write code. I found that design phase was especially helpful because I had a general sense of direction before I started writing code. This saved me time from having to think about what I needed to do next or what information I might need to have; so I had a clear idea of what to do next which meant that I didn't have time periods where I was being unproductive and having to change my code later. The consistency of the code really helped during the end when I double checked my code was correct; it also helped when I was looking for bugs in my code. When code is written in clear and consistent manner it's easy to follow the code that is written and also trace through the code to figure out where the bug is.

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