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A good Car Burning

Here is a blog from H. Alan Scott, a self-proclaimed pro blogger. He talks some about how France uses its right to protest so much and so spiritedly, he wonders why America does not use the right to protest in the same way, for example, burning cars.

By halanscott | May 7, 2007

When the French protest they don’t hold anything back. In fact most countries protests are much grander than what we consider a protest here in America. Yesterday after the election of the new French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, protestors were very vocal against the results. The police reported that at least 400 cars were burned. 400 cars burned!

In America we burn flags, bras, even draft cards (FYI - check out the new book by Christopher Buckley, Boomsday. In it the main character, a blogger with immense power over her readers, suggests for them to burn their Social Security cards in protest against the Baby Boomers eating up the Social Security money. Great read, check it out.), but to actually burn cars? Looking at footage from other foreign countries we see them burning all sorts of stuff, tearing down statues, even killing people. Why are we, a country that relishes in the Constitutional right to protest, so tame when it comes to protesting?

Our right to protest is such a given and we jump at the chance to protest just about anything. Here in New York City the Rev. Al Sharpton has a protest at least once a month. Union Square, the meeting grounds between the East and West Villages always has some sort of protest happening (however it’s usually in a foreign language, which frankly kind of ruins their chances of having much of an impact on the majority of the English speaking New Yorkers passing by). The city hands out protest permits as often as parking tickets.

I love that we have the right to protest, I do. But we’re so stuck on a “peaceful protest? that I just long for a good car burning, you know? I guess it’s true, we always want what we can’t have. C’est la vie!

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