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Duluth Anti-War protest for Oct 11

I found this and thought I'd let everyone know. It's the same day as the homecoming games.

"OCT. 11 PLANS: Our next big protest will be on Saturday, Oct. 11. The plan is to gather at the Leif Erickson Park on London Road in Duluth before noon. From 11:30am to noon we'll have music for those assembling, then at noon we'll march to the MN Power Plaza for a rally with speakers. We voted to invite Frank Boyle, Mike Jaros, Kathy Heltzer, Chelsa Nelson and a laid off Duluth librarian as the speakers. Bob K. will be the rally MC. We also adopted a flier for the event. If you would like to help distribute fliers send an email to wainosunrise@yahoo.com"



I'll be there. WAR! what is it good for, absolutely nothing! HUH