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Hazing gone wrong ends in death at FAMU

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The drum major of Florida A&M University died after an alleged hazing went wrong on a bus ride home from a losing game in Orlando.

Robert Champion, 26, lay on the floor of the bus, not breathing, as students called 911 ABC reported.

The caller who made the 911 call never revealed why the drum major was so badly hurt. Police are staying silent also.

But, ABC reported that the University president has dismissed four students from FAMU, and 30 students were dismissed from the marching band.

Police are also investigating the hazing of an 18-year-old clarinet player in the FAMU marching band, who came home a month ago barely able to use her legs.

According to ABC, the band director, Julian White, has been fired and Florida's governor is pushing for more strict rules.

American aid worker kidnapped in Pakistan

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An American aid worker that was kidnapped from his Pakistani home in August, is now an Al Qaeda hostage.

Warren Weinstein was kidnapped in Pakistan, ABC reported, but won't be released until the United States meets the nine demands the Al Qaeda has requested via video.

Weinstein worked as a development expert with furniture sellers and dairy farmers. His work was uncontroversial ABC reported.

This kidnapping comes as a shock because the tactic hasn't been used as a weapon in Pakistan since Danny Pearl was kidnapped and executed in 2002.

According to ABC, Weinstein's kidnapping was more of a political statement than it was to make money.

Cargill unexpectedly cuts 2,000 employees

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Cargill, the food and agricultural giant, cut 2,000 Minnesotan employees on December 1 without any warning.

Several people told Kare 11 that they were laid off in a widespread job cut earlier this week.

Employees said they were called in on the first of the month, let go without warning and were told to immediately leave the building. They also were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, preventing them from speaking publically on the matter, Kare 11 reported.

Cargill employs 138,000 people world-wide, though the headquarters are based in Minnesota.

Kare 11 reported that Mike Cargill refused to comment on the cuts and the company has not yet issued a statement regarding the lay-offs.

Cain suspends presidential campaign

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Herman Cain suspended his presidential campaign today after allegations of a long-term affair and sexual harassment were brought down on him.

Cain's wife, Gloria, stood by and cheered him on, as he proclaimed his suspension in front of his brand new campaign headquarters in Atlanta that will now never be used, ABC reported.

"I am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family," Cain said on ABC.

In his announcement, ABC reported that Cain repeatedly mentioned the "false and unproved accusations" that were "spinned in the media" and how that spin has hurt his family.

But, Cain ended his announcement by saying, "I am at peace with my God. I am peace with my wife, and she is at peace with me."

Concordia University volleyball team drives for five

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Concordia University's division II volleyball team is attempting to win their fifth consecutive national title.

According to KSTP the students are calling it the Drive for Five, as the St. Paul school will be the first division II team to ever do this.

The school even moved the University Christmas Choir concert up a few hours on Saturday so students can attend both events.

Shelly Schwalm, a student at the University, set up a projector in a lounge room for the students to meet on campus and watch the game together.

Schwalm said on KSTP, "There's an opportunity for them to come together in a place on campus and feel more a part of it, than just sitting in their dorm room and watching it by themselves."

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