Adoption Awareness Walk

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This article is about a group of social workers who hit the streets to promote adoption awareness. After an unusual abandoned baby case in Guilford County, the social workers felt compelled to spread the awareness of adoption. The now 5 month old who sparked the walkers, is now safe at home with a foster family after only 2 months time. This agency specifically promotes adoption to reduce the amount of children in foster care. Great article!

Celebrities open up about depression issues

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One thing I have been reading about lately is how Catherine Zeta-Jones recently spoke out about her struggle with depression and how she is opening up about is and talking about it with the press. This is a huge deal for the depressions stigma since if a celebrity has depression and is okay speaking about it publicly then it makes the public more comfortable with the idea of depression and therefore more people fell open to discuss their depression. The great think that she talks about is how help is available all you have to do is ask for it and be willing to take the first step which is admitting you need help.
After reading about how open she was with her struggle it gives me a lot of hope that the depression stigma could really change and that there are clearly people out there who will open up about their issues because they want others to know help is available. I am interested to look more into other celebrities who have opened up about mental illnesses and what effect that has on the public's perception of them as an actor or actress and also the effect of the public's perception of such mental health issues.

LGBT Issues in Music

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This is a really great song that's pretty popular right now by Mackelmore called "Same Love". I chose this for an artistic post because I like that these issues are finally becoming mainstream, especially in music, in a positive way.

Focus on the Family - Against Same-Sex Adoption

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This was a very explicit article speaking against same-sex couples being able to adopt, and stating that their desire to do so was simply out of a yearning to advance "the homosexual agenda". I felt it was important to read through this website so strongly against my topic, in order to better understand, and inquire before I advocate. I would like to do a one-to-one with someone sharing these beliefs, and specifically ask them why they feel it is better for a child to have fewer chances of being adopted, or be adopted by less loving and caring parents, rather than their being adopted by a same-sex couple.

depression and suicide

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solving the depression stigma isn't only about allowing people to be able to get help for their depression it is about preventing them from taking a horrible urn and committing suicide. Depression is the leading cause of suicide and by changing the attitude towards depression you could be saving countless lives. A startling statistic in my article was that for every suicide death and estimates 8-25 people attempt suicide. This is so frightening because if all those people succeeded the world would be a far worse place.
This article really made me think about what could be done to change the stigma. The whole semester I've talked about the stigma and how horrible it is but now that I am starting to think about what could be done to change it it's a far more complex issue than I thought. I look forward to finding out more about changing the depression stigma.

This article actually made me pretty emotional while reading it. It pained me to realize just how much stereotyping goes beyond the racial slurs and sexual identities. Our generation even stereotypes those with disabilities, which when you think about it, truly does happen all of the time. But why? Can't we just accept people who may be a little different than us?

This piece in particular caught my attention because it focuses on such an intimate part of our lives: dating and sex. All human beings should experience this, we're all capable of experiencing this. But many view those with a disability as an exception to this.

"Youth with a disability can find the idea of dating and sex especially overwhelming, given that they may have a poor body image along with performance anxiety related to their physical restrictions," says Dr. Miriam Kaufman, head of adolescent medicine at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.

"You might very well feel unattractive and you might have gotten a strong message from even your parents that no able-bodied person is going to be interested in you and that really your only chance is to find somebody else with a disability who might possibly be interested in you," Kaufman says.

That makes me upset. Everyone should experience the emotions of attraction, love and intimacy. It's a part of our humanity, and it's how we connect with one another.

The article goes on to spotlight a few stories from youth suffering from the challenges of dating and sex, even socializing in general.

"I just want to have a relationship with somebody who likes me for me, regardless of how I look and what I have to go through, and be supportive," says Sasha (not her real name), 20 years old. "Isn't that what everybody wants?"

Not gonna lie but this last part of the news piece really made me emotional. Of course this is what everyone wants! I know I can personally identify with this. Although I don't consider my birth defect a disability in my life, I can relate to the self-consciousness it may create with intimacy...

Like for instance, would a man be okay with me even touching him? My fingers aren't normal, would he feel uncomfortable if I put my hands on him? That's a sad thought that should never cross my mind, but it's the reality of our society.

I thankfully no longer think this way, no man deserves me if they can't accept me. Like I've said before, my birth defect is like a blessing, it allows me to appreciate the little things in life. You know when couples hold hands walking down the street? It's such a simple gesture, but it's one of my favorite parts of a relationship. For me, it's like my partner accepts and understands my difference, and isn't afraid to publicly show the world.

Little things like that mean a lot to me, and I'm sure the same goes for someone else with a disability.

Care to read the rest of the article? Click here >>>> "Dating, sex can be daunting for youths with disabilities," Sheryl Ubelacker, The Canadian Press

—— Mandi Beergoon

Bullied to death

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Teitel, E. (2012). Bullied to death. Maclean's, 125(42), 68-70.

So here it is. The final weekly blog post for this research topic. I thought about focusing on this weekly blog post with an example of the utmost horrifying example of internet hating and bullying that happened within this past month I could find in my research.

Amanda Todd, a 15 year old teenager from Port Coquitlam committed suicide after internet haters dared her to take her own life. They rejoiced after hearing about her death. One month before her death, she posted a heartbreaking eight-minute YouTube video about the events that led her to serious depression. There is a public consensus about Amanda Todd that she should not have exposed her breasts online which led to grouping of her internet haters.
What was surprising is that this editorial talk about a study done in Plymouth University which found out that 80% of respondents used web and smart phone for sexual purposes, with teenagers from 13~15 more likely than older teenagers to take their tops of on webcam.
The finding of this study I read about surprised me. Perhaps there is more reason to point fingers at people who do hate-inducing behaviors online. But let's consider rape in relation to this issue. it is stated that if the woman or man is intoxicated then, he or she is legally incapable to give a consent to sex. Perhaps this person made a wrong decision to be drunk knowing that such behavior can lead to unwanted sex. However, no matter what, it is always the perpetrator's CHOICE whether to rape or not.
That said, would not the same be for Internet hating? Perhaps the temptation is great to hate knowing that there will not be consequences do to anonymity. However, in all my research I have done this semester, hating is a choice. Posting hateful comment is a choice. When you type something and press "enter," you already made the choice to hate.

This editorial also talked about a study done that found out that 7.5 million children with Facebook accounts are younger than 13. How do parents expect to protect these children from Internet haters when they are so susceptible to influence?

Digging deeper and deeper into the topic, I learned that hatred can be done easily because it happens in the virtual realm with haters who is misguided to think cyberworld is separate from the real world. Haters tend to be teenagers. But all in all, what was unifying about every resource I researched is that hating results pain.

Little guys, Big impact on homeless shelters

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I liked this article firstly because it was put out around Thanksgiving when we all need a little reminder to be thankful for what we have and to share that joy with others. The second thing that really stood out to me in this article was the quote "it doesn't matter how old you are to have a big idea." Today we spend so much time thinking that it takes people in charge to make a change, but this article is proof that even young children can make a large difference. It started with just a few boy scouts in the Minneapolis area making sandwiches for 150 homeless people in shelters, and over the years and the dedication of the scouts they are now Feeding 4,500 homeless people in the area each week! That's an amazing number when we think about how young these kids are and how limited their resources are. While we might look at this and say, oh that is just a quick fix to a deeply rooted issue, it is still important to see that the impact of every person is felt no matter what the age or capabilities. While making sandwhiches for homeless shelters may not end all homelessness, it sure is getting people headed in the right direction and from a young age which is important all on its own.

Spreading the disease

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I read an article about politics in Indiana. In Indiana they are trying to pass a very similar ban that they tried in Minnesota. Lawmakers have to sign off twice in order for it to go to the voters. The president of equality Rick Sutton said that banning same-sex marriage would break six hundred fourteen other laws that are already enforced that range from taxes to ethics. I think that this is a very interesting way to look at it, and how it is breaking so many other laws that the state already has. I think it is ridiculous that every state is trying to ban same-sex marriage but I do think that every state should get on the track of same-sex marriage so we can all move on and so everyone can eventually get married.


How social networking technology works in university

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Unbelievable this is my last blog for this class. after finding and analyzing these research, I learned a lot and developed myself internally. I saw my growth through my switch on topic chosen for each week blog. used to focusing on "why" journals, but now I kind of change my mind. Instead of seeking the reasons, it is more important to have a realistic action plan if I want to change the community situation. For my last week blog, I find an interesting point of view of "how" social networking technology affect on high educated people. according to this analysis, schools are embracing by social media using. and all percentage of using is growing. in addition, there is a trend to use quick and short technology. Facebook is still the most popular site and Twitter's development is impressive. on the other hand, bloggers are keeping on the same level. Students are prefer to use quick reflected media such as Twitter sentences posted than blog which needs more time to manage. Linkin is gaining more users recently too. Linkin is a professional social networking media. it represents the pros of social medias. Schools and professors act important in social media usage. So I believe that to change the community using habits of social medias is not impossible. I could start from education.