How social networking technology works in university

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Unbelievable this is my last blog for this class. after finding and analyzing these research, I learned a lot and developed myself internally. I saw my growth through my switch on topic chosen for each week blog. used to focusing on "why" journals, but now I kind of change my mind. Instead of seeking the reasons, it is more important to have a realistic action plan if I want to change the community situation. For my last week blog, I find an interesting point of view of "how" social networking technology affect on high educated people. according to this analysis, schools are embracing by social media using. and all percentage of using is growing. in addition, there is a trend to use quick and short technology. Facebook is still the most popular site and Twitter's development is impressive. on the other hand, bloggers are keeping on the same level. Students are prefer to use quick reflected media such as Twitter sentences posted than blog which needs more time to manage. Linkin is gaining more users recently too. Linkin is a professional social networking media. it represents the pros of social medias. Schools and professors act important in social media usage. So I believe that to change the community using habits of social medias is not impossible. I could start from education.

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