Marijuana Regulation Works and Prohibition Fails- Tony Turnquist

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After multiple states legalized the regulation of marijuana, even though it was limited in the ways you can obtain it, the author states that there is a reason marijuana should be legalized:it is more of a safe substance than alcohol. "A 2009 study estimated that health-related costs per user are eight times higher for drinkers of alcoholic beverages--and more than 40 times higher for tobacco smokers--than they are for those who consume cannabis." This is very alarming to today's society, because there is a certain stigma which curtails pot is more unhealthy and therefore dangerous when compared to alcohol.

I believe this to be true and completely agree with the author. Personally, I believe our society needs to wake up and look at how much alcohol and its large amounts of consumption is corrupting both ourselves and society. This leads me to think of a couple of questions, however.

1. If marijuana is steadily becoming legalized, will alcohol sales decrease?
2. Should there be more regulation in obtaining alcohol other than showing an ID to prove you are over 21 since alcohol is more unhealthy and leads to more health-related causes?
3. Does public education need to change and get rid of the stigma that marijuana is far more of a dangerous substance than alcohol?

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