Moving Forward: the future of homelessness

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WELL! I was going to post some personal pictures and a video, but the picture on this website will have to do. After spending weeks doing this research I have found what most people already know, housing is a a big issue especially right here is Minneapolis. However, I have also found that in order to get people on board and working to end homelessness, we all have to work together and build up sustaining programs and efforts to get people on their feet again. I work with Habitat for Humanity, which is the picture I posted above, and have fallen in love with the program even more after doing all this research. I noticed that the way to get people off the streets and in a home is not by giving them cash or a free bed to stay on, there is no incentive that way for people. Habitat for Humanity is a unique program, much like the Higher Grounds facility built in Minneapolis this year, in that it is not a "free" program. People awarded Habitat homes still have to pay for their homes, they are just reduced price due to the donated materials and all the volunteers that work with Habitat. Also, new homeowners must put in 500 hours of sweat equity with Habitat and attend weekly classes on how to take care of your home and how to manage your finances, etc. Not only is this program sustainable and proven to work, but it encourages people to work with the surrounding community to get where they want to be. The homes aren't mansions, but they are "affordable, decent housing" which are easy to take good care of for the course of a lifetime. There are a lot of issues inter-linked with homelessness, so by building these sustainable programs we could potentially reduce other issues such as alcoholism, drug use, and graduation rates.

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