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Fake friends are like shadows. always near you at the brightest moments but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour.

I was impressed by this sentence. It is simple to understand but meanwhile could be used into lots of part of our life. first of all, this is talking about sometimes women caught their best girlfriends cheating with their spouse. they describe those besties as shadow. How innovation and appropriate of this description. It reminds me a movie I watched before, the couple was so happy they love each other but the more they show their happiness to her best friend, it caused her jealous and her friend begun to feel that she could be part of the happiness also. Good relationship is like the sunshine, it is warm and shinning. Happiness feeling attract human beings want to get closer. but as it said, there is shadow behind brightness. when bad things happen, the darkest hour is coming and covering all sweet memories, it block people's awareness immediately for a while. those fake friend will hide in the darkness.

it also makes think about how people define fake friends. How many true friends we have on Facebook ? besides socialization, what other benefits we could earn from social media sites? I have a thought that facebook is my fake friend, I love it during I was surrounded by brightness and happiness, but I would avoid using it for self protection while darkness coming around. Social media website offers a lot benefits but it has shadow too. I feel this friend is more complected than a real man. when I realize the person is not good and honest to me, it is not that hard to cut down the relationship. but to deal with social medias, cut down all connections would not be a good option. I am seeking a balance between the brightness and darkness sides of it.


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