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I found this piece interesting, because it describes many of the things the war in Afghanistan is, but it also uses some words that aren't usually associated with the war. Obviously, words like War, Afghanistan, Casualties and Weapons are bigger, and are more central to the themes of war, and this war specifically. However, take a minute to look at the smaller words. There you'll see words like overwhelmed, Ramadan, occupation and resolution. These to me highlight a different side of the war: the side the most people will never see or hear about. And the beautiful thing is, there are so many different meanings to these words. Overwhelmed could mean the way the Taliban has been overwhelmed by our allied forces. Or, it could mean the ridiculous amount of stress that the deployed soldier takes on. Ramadan is a holiday that I would venture to guess most people outside the Arab world know about. However, it's HUGE in their world, and plays a big part in the day to day operations during that holiday. Occupation is also an interesting one, because now we start to look at different perspectives. To some Afghans, we are absolutely occupying their country. To others, we are liberating them. And I'd say most Americans certainly don't think we are occupying their country. Finally, I mentioned resolution. This is perhaps the trickiest of all, because, what is resolution in this case? Is it drawing down our forces and handing the country over to the Afghans? Is it complete and total annihilation of the Taliban and al 'Queda? There are probably hundreds of opinions out there about what that means, but the fact still remains that this thing needs to end somehow, in someway.

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