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Adoption Awareness Walk

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This article is about a group of social workers who hit the streets to promote adoption awareness. After an unusual abandoned baby case in Guilford County, the social workers felt compelled to spread the awareness of adoption. The now 5 month old who sparked the walkers, is now safe at home with a foster family after only 2 months time. This agency specifically promotes adoption to reduce the amount of children in foster care. Great article!

Celebrities open up about depression issues

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One thing I have been reading about lately is how Catherine Zeta-Jones recently spoke out about her struggle with depression and how she is opening up about is and talking about it with the press. This is a huge deal for the depressions stigma since if a celebrity has depression and is okay speaking about it publicly then it makes the public more comfortable with the idea of depression and therefore more people fell open to discuss their depression. The great think that she talks about is how help is available all you have to do is ask for it and be willing to take the first step which is admitting you need help.
After reading about how open she was with her struggle it gives me a lot of hope that the depression stigma could really change and that there are clearly people out there who will open up about their issues because they want others to know help is available. I am interested to look more into other celebrities who have opened up about mental illnesses and what effect that has on the public's perception of them as an actor or actress and also the effect of the public's perception of such mental health issues.

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