The Training Team's Upgrade Training Preview Sessions, held at all five campuses, will wrap up at the end of October. The sessions were well attended and we appreciate the great turnout, questions, and feedback. In November we will post an online Upgrade Training Preview Session recap for those who were unable to attend in person. We are compiling the questions that came out of the sessions and will post frequently asked questions, with answers, as well. Details on where to find the recap and the FAQs will be communicated once posted.

In our August issue, we featured the Program/Plan Cheat Sheet, as a quick 'what to do' reference for staff to use when updating the Student Program Plan page. For a deeper dive into Student Program/Plan maintenance, check out our complete Program/Plan manual. This manual, along with all of our training manuals and quick step guides, can be found on the Training Team's manuals webpage.

When to save

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Have you ever wondered when and how often you should save your entries in PeopleSoft, particularly when there is more than one tab displayed?

In a component, which is a collection of related pages (displayed as tabs) such as Student Program Plan or Maintain Schedule of Classes, you really need only save once, HOWEVER there are two rules/guidelines that apply:

  1. On a component with an effective date, such as Student Program Plan, once you save you will not be able to make any additional changes on any tab. Therefore, it is critical that you make all of your changes, across all tabs, and save once (and ONLY once) when working with a component with an effective date.

  2. On a component without an effective date, such as Maintain Schedule of Classes, you may save as often as you wish. In fact, you may even find it helpful to save multiple times as you go through a process involving several tabs.

New addition to the training team

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Sally Gutierrez will be joining the training team for a temporary position beginning November 3. Sally has been with One Stop since 2002 and has a wealth of University experience. We are excited she will be a part of the team as we prepare for the Upgrade and for after go-live.

Do you use the Previous in List and the Next in List buttons that are on the bottom of many pages in PeopleSoft? Using the list buttons saves you the effort and time of multiple searches. It is helpful to create a list when searching the database for student grades, person names, and courses.

For example, let's take a name like "John Smith," which will probably generate many results. Go to Campus Community→ Add/Update a Person, then search for "John Smith" and select a row to view that individual's record. From within the record, you may then use your Next in List button to go down the list or the Previous in List button to go back up the list without having to navigate back out to the search page.

Student Data Update Manual

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Maybe you update certain PeopleSoft pages, like Student Groups or Permission Numbers only occasionally. If you need a step-by-step refresher of those business processes that you learned in Student Data Update class, we have it covered with the Student Data Update manual. Within this manual, the following business processes are detailed: Student Groups, Service Indicators, Permission Numbers, Student Addresses, Term Activation, and Student Advisor.

New addition to the Training Team

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Jennifer Selander re-joins the training team on Monday, September 22. She is not a new employee at the University of Minnesota nor the ASR Training Team. Jenn spent the last two years as a Business Analyst in Student Records. She is looking forward to picking up where she left off and helping out wherever training is needed. Welcome back, Jenn!

SR preview sessions

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The Training Team is offering Student Records Training Preview sessions across campus in October. In these sessions, we will demonstrate some new functionality such as the Advisor and Faculty Center, and discuss training requirements and resources. Stay tuned for more information on the specific dates and times.

A list of collegiate staff who should be contacted to update a student's 2nd major that is outside the student's college of enrollment can be found on the Training Team's website. Key Contacts, please take a moment to review the list to ensure your college's contact information is current. Email with any updates to this list.

Program/Plan Update Cheat Sheet

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The PeopleSoft Program/Plan page is, in some regards, the "heart" of a student's PeopleSoft record. This is because the data contained there affects many aspects of students' academic lives, from the ability to register to financial aid eligibility. Thus, it is critical to enter data on the Program/Plan page correctly. The Program/Plan Update Cheat Sheet provides a quick 'what-to-do' reference when updating the Program, Plan, and Sub-Plan tabs to help ensure you get it right. This job aid, along with all of our training manuals and quick step guides, can be found on the Training Team's manuals webpage.