Boynton Health Service has added two clinics in August for Biometric Health Screening. To register for a clinic, visit the Boynton website. The health screenings take 15-20 minutes, are offered at no cost to UPlan members, and help you earn Wellness Points. If you earn enough wellness points by August 31st, you may qualify for a reduced premium on your UPlan medical coverage next year.

Work Tip: the SCARF model

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Status-Certainty-Autonomy-Relatedness-Fairness (SCARF) is the brain-based model for collaborating with and influencing others. Understanding this can help individuals and organizations function more effectively by reducing conflicts and increasing engagement.

The model was developed by leadership coach and author David Rock, who published an article about SCARF in the NeuroLeadership Journal. Rosie Barry, the assistant director of Organizational Effectiveness here at the University, summarized Rock's findings in a recent presentation, "Building Resilience in the Workplace."

New staff member in GSSP

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Chris Abts has accepted the position of Student Personnel Coordinator in Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP). He will be replacing Stacia Madsen, who is now the lead business analyst for the Academic Advisement module. Chris previously worked at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and as a social studies teacher. His first day will be August 11.

Communications Team update

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If you have a project for the ASR Communications Team, please send an email to This will create a ServiceNow ticket and no special form is required. If you intend the project for a specific person on the team, please feel free to mention that in your email. Thank you for helping us track our projects, ensure needs are met, and provide effective service!

University Strategic Planning

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The University's Strategic Planning Workgroup will be hosting a listening session to share its work so far and solicit feedback. The session will be held on Tuesday, August 12, 11 a.m.-noon, in the McNamara Center/Ski-U-Mah Room.

One Stop Student Services is buzzing with many new faces. Six new One Stop counselors recently started and began their training program last week. Please welcome Darcy Fastener, Diana Geisinger, Shawn Hennessy, Andy Hoeveler, Richard Zmudzien, and Kristin Kvam.

One Stop's new student workers, the customer relations representatives (CRR), have completed three weeks of training and are transitioning to answering customer calls under the supervision of One Stop counselors. One Stop's phone system now prompts customers to indicate a service preference: "1" for general questions or "2" for specific account questions. Early impressions of the transition have been positive, and CRRs will transition to answer the general questions line independently as they build experience.

Meanwhile, One Stop has been busy with customer contact related to the electronic Financial Aid Award Notice (eFAAN). The top three categories of discussion last week were financial aid packaging, loans, and billing/payment. Last week, One Stop logged 4,090 cases in Salesforce.

Nate Peterson, assistant director of One Stop Student Services, and Molly Nelson, financial aid coordinator for student athletes, gave a presentation to the University of Minnesota football team about financial aid and financial literacy. This is the first time that Live Like a Student (LLAS) has been invited to speak with a varsity athletics team.

LLAS is also busy preparing for its annual Welcome Week presentation, where 5,500 incoming first year students and 400 incoming transfer students learn about LLAS and ways to save money during college.

Ingrid Nuttall, Sarah Kussow, and John Vollum have been presenting to colleges regarding academic process changes resulting from ESUP, including changes to class scheduling, wait lists, grading, and the retirement of course guide.

The meetings are designed to help colleges understand how these changes will impact them, share best practices for applying new processes, provide information about how and when to access training and other information, and uncover potential issues and related challenges specific to colleges and programs. Meetings have already been held with the Law School, College of Design, and College of Liberal Arts.

ASR BBQ & Silent Auction

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The ASR BBQ and silent auction fundraiser is coming up! Mark your calendars for August 14, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., behind Fraser Hall.

Please consider donating a purchased or hand-crafted item, or sharing your time and talents. Donations to the silent auction are being accepted by Mara Schneider now through August 12.

Items and services up for auction can be viewed on the ASR Instagram account.

ASR Employee Mini-Survey #2

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Please take a moment to rate the helpfulness of your supervisor.

All responses are anonymous; if you have ideas for questions you'd like to see here or other ideas for improving the ASR employee mini-survey please submit them through the ASR comment box.

According to last week's survey, most ASR employees feel as though they are receiving adequate training. Eighty three percent of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed they they have received the training they needed to do their jobs. Seventeen percent neither agreed nor disagreed, while no respondents disagreed or strongly disagreed.

Bagels were the runaway winner in the breakfast treat vote, completely dominating coffee with 81% of the overall vote total. Keep an eye out for an email announcing the date that those will be available.

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