Thank you to everyone who donated items, time, and money to the ASR Auction. Together, we raised over $800 to go towards an existing student scholarship. Winners will be announced by end of day today (Thursday). Again, thank you for a great auction!

In an effort to establish consistency in the way we all share contact information with our audiences, an email signature standard has been developed by University Relations. Please note that this standard is based on email signature best practices and does not allow for the addition of graphics or images.

To use, select the version that best applies to your situation. To use the template:

  • Copy the selected version

  • Open your email settings and go to the "signature" section

  • Paste your selected email version into the "signature" section

  • Customize your information

  • Click "Save changes" at bottom of screen


1 unit

Jane Doe
Multimedia Designer | Government Relations |
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-9098 | c. 612-555-5555

- -

+ 2 units

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
Director of Student Communications | Office for Student Affairs |
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ address

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ address + office hours

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

- -

+ 2 units + 2 addresses + office hours

John Doe
Senior Public Relations Consultant | Information Technology |
2218 University Ave, Suite 305 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
Director of Student Communications | Office for Student Affairs |
100 Church Street, Rm 4 | Office hours: MWF 3-6pm, Tu 2-4pm
University of Minnesota | | 612-624-3302

Welcome Week

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The start of the school year is just around the corner - but first, Welcome Week! The Class of 2018 will participate in on- and off-campus activities August 27-September 1. The Live Like a Student (LLAS) team will lead a game show providing tips and tricks to help students be savvy with their money during their time at the University. If you are interested in attending one of the game show sessions, please contact Nate Peterson at

We want to make you aware of the August 31 deadline to earn your Wellness Program points to secure a $300 or $400 reduction of your 2015 medical program rates.

UPlan members with single coverage or dependent children coverage need to earn the full 300 points to save $300 on their 2015 yearly insurance premium while members claiming a spouse or family coverage need to earn the full 400 points to save $400 on their 2015 premiums. Check your current Wellness Points balance by accessing your personal profile on the StayWell Online portal.

Work tip: Easy meeting warm-ups

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It's always good to start a meeting on the right foot by getting everyone comfortable and engaged in the beginning. Give one of these quick and easy meeting warm-ups a try.

  • Opinion: Write the words "agree," "disagree," "strongly agree" and "strongly disagree" on large pieces of paper. Place each poster in an obvious spot somewhere in the room, preferably on a wall. Then make a statement such as "we all like spinach" and have everybody move to the part of the room that matches their opinion. Try creating opinions that relate to the theme of the meeting.
  • Critical Questions: In a small group, ask everyone to identify two questions they hope to have answered during the presentation or session; in a large group, select volunteers to ask the questions or identify objectives.
  • True or False: Have participants say three things about themselves - two true and one false. Other participants guess what the lie is. The correct guesser goes next.

If you are interested in more tools, tips, and advice for planning and executing effective meetings, join the Project and Work Facilitation Unit for the next project management round table on Thursday, August 21 at 3:30 p.m. Contact Kristy Davis ( or Christa Nicols ( if you are interested.

ASR fun calendar

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ASR has created a google calendar for social or fun events that ASR staff may be interested in. To view the calendar, search for ASRfun. Adding events to the calendar works much like adding a conference room - make an appointment on your own calendar and invite as a guest. If you see an event on the calendar that you would like to join, contact the meeting host.

Please be considerate of your fellow ASR members and remember to cancel or update events if needed. Also, events should be for learning or social events; not for fundraising or solicitations.

Any questions? Email Thanks!

Reminder: withdraw deadline

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Students may now withdraw from classes without collegiate approval prior to November 10, the first day of the tenth week of class. Previously, students could withdraw without collegiate approval prior to the eighth week of class. Deadlines for cancelling or adding classes are available on the One Stop website.

Saints Tickets

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Because the June employee event at the St. Paul Saints was cancelled due to weather, ASR has tickets available. ASR employees who are interested in attending a St. Paul Saints game this season may contact Debbie. Tickets are available to employees on a first-come first-served basis.

Veterans changes

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As of August 1, graduate and professional student veterans will now receive in-state tuition. This is a Legislative change that went through over the summer and is true for all system campuses. To receive the waiver, students must provide proof of service to University Veterans Services.

Additionally as of August 1, tuition refunds for students with dependent children will be granted for those that are impacted by their spouse's military deployment and required to withdraw from courses. Students with dependents should contact their campus veteran services office for guidance regarding enrollment and tuition refunds when impacted by a spouse's military deployment.

Google Hangouts upgrades

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The University upgraded its version of Google Hangouts on July 30, making it more similar to the public version. Existing University Gmail accounts have the option to keep the older version of Google+ Hangouts or opt in to the new one. To opt in via the Gmail interface, just click your profile photo at the top of your chat list and click "try the new Hangouts."

One change is that chat "off the record" is now the default. Chatting "off the record" means that the text from your chat will not be saved to a folder. If you want a record of your chat to be saved to your "chats" folder, you can manually select to go "on the record." All parties engaged in an on-the-record chat session will see a notification of that status in the chat window.

Also, with the new version chat status no longer available. Instead, you will be able to share your "mood" using emoticons. To learn more about the new Google+ Hangouts, visit Google's informational web page.

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