Change to fall billing dates

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Beginning fall 2014, billing due dates for tuition and fees will change. Students will be billed approximately two weeks earlier than in previous years. Billing dates for fall 2014 are currently available on the One Stop website. Spring dates will be determined soon.

This change will bring the University in line with current industry standards and allow billing to be more consistent across all system campuses.

GradFest a success for One Stop

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One Stop counselors staffed GradFest in March to provide financial literacy information to graduating seniors. The counselors were happy to report a big increase in the number of students who stopped by even with switching the format of their presentation from a large-scale one to a table with handouts. Altogether, the counselors met with 100 students (averaging 25 students per hour) during GradFest, a great increase from the 40 students who attended presentations last year.

Scheduling Update live on April 30

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The ESUP team is reaching out to groups of end users who will see significant changes when our upgraded system goes live next spring. One important group is college and department class schedulers. There are more than 300 individuals with access to class scheduling pages within PeopleSoft and there are big changes for them. They'll all have the opportunity to have a preview of what's coming on Wednesday, April 30. The OCM Scheduling team is hard at work planning a multi-location event to make sure all schedulers can attend!

ASR's Continuity and Compliance unit is currently working with academic advisers and others to draft new policy language (and also change some processes) to help improve degree progress and timely graduation of undergraduate students. The policy is still in its infancy, but the topic is creating great discussion. If in you work with students you've encountered issues pertaining to student degree progress or impediments to timely graduation, please share that information with Tina Falkner; if you think you have a solution to the issue, share that too!

'Preferred name' update

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You may have seen several stories in the Minnesota Daily during the past few months about the use of "preferred name" in University systems. In their enthusiasm to report on the latest update, the Daily got a few facts wrong, but it's still exciting news!

At Oracle's user conference last month, they announced that they will deliver an update to their code so that the preferred name of students appears on class and grade rosters! The University of Minnesota played a big part in this. The ESUP Student Records team built a national coalition around this issue thanks to the help of Product Advisory Group members Max Herman (ASR-IT) and Carla Boyd (Duluth). Max even wrote the white paper that Oracle is using for their development!

Since the delivery timeframe of this fix is unknown, the ESUP team is moving forward with developing modifications to the system to ensure that when we go live next spring, this long-awaited functionality is available to the University community. This is a huge win for our entire institution! Thanks to all who have been (and will be) involved!

FAANs for class of 2018

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Estimated Financial Aid Award Notices (eFAANs) were sent to potential incoming freshman the week of March 31. 9,312 students received a letter from the Twin Cities campus; 3,055 students received a letter from Duluth; 816 students received a letter from Morris; 275 students received a letter from Crookston; and 107 students received a letter from Rochester. One Stop counselors have been busy answering questions from prospective students as they decide where to attend college.

HeartBleed OpenSSL vulnerability

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The following message was sent from the University's Chief Information Security Officer Brian Dahlin:

You have likely heard about the global HeartBleed OpenSSL vulnerability. The University has been actively involved in mitigation and response to this threat. You can learn more at

It's also a good idea to be aware of phishing by not clicking on links provided to you in any notification emails to change your password; there is potential for an increase in phishing scams based on this event. We recommend directly typing the URL (or using a bookmark you've previously saved), to help avoid potential phishing attacks.
For questions about Heartbleed, contact University Information Security at

One Stop student satisfaction survey

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One Stop Student Services sent its annual student satisfaction survey to more than 10,000 students this past November. The survey aimed to see what students thought One Stop was doing well and what could be improved upon. The results provided a variety of information, including students' user experience with the One Stop website, as well as how they're choosing to receive their information from One Stop. Check out the survey infographic for more detailed results.

Help shape the future of IT

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The University's Information Technology (IT) department is interested in receiving your feedback regarding how to best serve the U of M community. Please take a few moments to complete a brief IT Input Survey to help IT set technology service priorities for the future.

UThink blogs to retire in December

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UThink blogs will be decommissioned by University Libraries and University IT on December 31, 2014. Sites within the UThink domain will no longer be available after this date; existing blogs will be accessible throughout the 2014 spring and fall semesters. ASR uses UThink for several publications (including this one!) so the communications team is planning a transition to another solution. For more information, see UThink decommissioning.

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