The final touches are being added to the Administrative Degree Clearance Procedure. This document will give colleges step-by-step instructions on what they can do to clear a student for his/her degree without the student formally applying for the degree. This procedure will streamline processes for the college advising units while covering all necessary compliance related issues that go along with clearing students for degrees.

Scheduling U

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The Office of Classroom Management is hosting Scheduling U for all schedulers this fall. Sessions will be held October 27-31. Offerings will take place on both Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. Also in OCM, ECS is now open for May/summer 2015 class scheduling. More information is available on the OCM website Production Calendar.

ESUP Readiness FCoP

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The IT@UMN community kicked off an important new Formal Community of Practice (FCoP), the ESUP Readiness FCoP. The community has three affinity groups — teams with specific tasks that contribute to the FCoP’s goal — including Change Management, Computer and Device Support, and Tertiary Systems (IDEAA). If you’re interested in being a part of the community, you may wish to attend the second meeting on Thursday, October 2 at 2 p.m. in room 50B of the Humphrey Center.

Graduate Student Services & Progress (GSSP) is undergoing some changes to their staffing and customer service model. These changes will allow GSSP staff to continue to provide exceptional, timely customer service while streamlining points of contact (e.g., walk-in, phone, email).

Effective September 8, GSSP began their new phone answering system, utilizing Auto Call Distribution (ACD) functionality. This allows up to five people to call the main number (612-625-3490) at the same time. If that line is busy, they will will be able to hold to speak to someone on that same line (it won't go to voicemail). Calls will be answered in the order they are received.

Additionally, GSSP will be transitioning out of ServiceNow and into Salesforce. With the transition to Salesforce, there will no longer be "tickets" (incidents) when sending an email to Also, all interactions will now be logged on the student or staff members record for historical reference. Inquiries for GSSP should still be sent to

The Disability Resource Center will be honoring OCM with a 2014 Access
Achievement Award
. The award celebrates OCM staff who go above and beyond to make the University accessible to students, faculty and staff.

ASR Mini-Poll #6

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This week's mini-poll asks whether you understand how ASR supports the overall University mission and goals. Please take a few moments to respond - it should take less than a minute.

Thanks to everyone that participated in the last News & Notes poll. Several thoughtful ideas for improving teamwork were submitted. A few of the more common ideas:

  • More cross-training
  • More opportunities for cross-departmental work
  • More team/social events
  • Better understanding of individual work styles
  • More positivity/less negativity/blame

Moving forward, we will give survey respondents the ability to include additional comments with their response. So, if you have ideas for implementing any of the suggestions above, please include them with your survey response.

Finally, "Top Pop Hits" edged "Minnesota Music" in the vote to determine which type of music we'll listen to before the October staff event. Good thing for Minnesota music lovers that Prince fits in both categories.

You can keep your personal information up to date with the University by using Employee Self-Service and selecting "Personal Information Update." There, you can update your emergency contact information, home address, and phone numbers. If you need to change beneficiaries on your life insurance or retirement benefits, call 612-624-UOHR (612-624-8647) to reach Benefits Assistance.

HRMS changes for staff

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One of the biggest changes in the University's Human Resources Management System Upgrade from PeopleSoft 8.9 to 9.2, is that employees who currently report their time and absences on paper will instead do so electronically. Supervisors that currently review and approve time or absences will do so electronically by after go-live. In the coming weeks, you will receive periodic messages that will provide more information regarding the upcoming changes, training and how-to resources. Meanwhile, more information including sneak peeks about the HRMS changes are available at The Upgrade Blog.

Communications tool ExactTarget

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The University has launched a new mass email distribution system, ExactTarget, which will replace Lyris once the system-wide rollout is complete. Roll-out of ExactTarget has begun and we anticipate that the ASR Communications Team will transition from Lyris to ExactTarget this fall. The Communications Team and Web Team are also preparing for the University's retirement of the UThink blog platform.

The contract with Destiny One, the vendor for non-credit registration, is almost finalized and and staff have been hired for the project: Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez as project manager and AHC liaison, Sandy Nelson as a solutions trainer, and Brian Knutson and Theresa Hillesheim as business analysts.

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