Supervisor expectations

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Past ASR survey findings have underscored the impact of supervisor behavior on staff in a number of ways, including their morale; feelings of inclusion; understanding of one's role within ASR and the University; and overall job satisfaction. We know people approach supervision in different ways, and that's good; however, there are some universal ASR expectations for supervisors. One of ASR's expectations is that units hold regular staff meetings. These meetings can take a variety of formats (e.g., informal stand-up meetings, walking meetings, regularly scheduled formal meetings) but the underlying principle remains: a consistent venue to interact with colleagues and/or a supervisor and share information on unit projects, ASR projects, and University initiatives. Aside from staff meetings, other expectations include: giving regular feedback on performance (not just at performance appraisal time); bringing ASR staff suggestions forward to management; working to create an environment where staff are comfortable suggesting areas for improvement; and treating staff with respect.

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