New Fraser digs and an update from OSF

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The student finance gurus in Fraser Hall have some new paint, carpet, and gently loved furniture (courtesy of the University of Minnesota Foundation) to brighten their work spaces. Staff are hard at work packaging for the summer, and work on the new Tuition and Fee Management System continues; the "old" system is still in use for time being. Finally, the new exit interview application should be live before July 1, 2012. If all goes well, staff will no longer need to provide in-person counseling at Grad Fest.

News & Notes received a personal tour of the new space, conducted by OSF's very own Deb Wilkin. Deb is responsible for the pictures you are about to enjoy.

Ruanne and Deb.jpg Ruanne Pearson, Deb Wilkin, and The Stooges solve a particularly pesky problem.

Copier.jpgDeb wanted to make sure the new color copier got its due recognition.

Todd.jpgTodd Bierbrauer basks in his sunny new digs.

jim and brian.jpgJim Parker and Brian Olson follow Deb's direction and have a fake conversation.

Christopher and Richard.jpg Christopher Peterson "shames" Richard Toetschinger into posing for the camera.

Regina.jpg Regina Moran plays "Jenga."

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