Provost Hanson's "Campus Conversation"

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On April 17, Provost Karen Hanson held an open question and answer session with the campus community. As she fielded questions from the audience, Provost Hanson touched on several issues directly related to the work of ASR. She spoke of the University's use of technology in classrooms, especially our innovation with STSS and the growing topic of eLearning. She also briefly mentioned the proposal for a summer semester and the financial aid hurdles that will need to be addressed if we want to make this a reality (along with a host of other issues). Our own Julie Selander asked about strategies for cost containment for students; Provost Hanson highlighted the importance of growing our gift aid through increased philanthropic dollars. It is clear she understands the pressures on the University and has started exploring some ideas for resolving them. The conversation was videotaped and I encourage you to watch it.

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