ASR-IT organizational changes

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The following is an email that was sent to all ASR staff on behalf of Grant Clavelle on May 4, 2012 regarding staff and organizational changes in ASR-IT:

Grant Clavelle, ASR IT Director is pleased to announce a number of ASR-IT organizational changes which will be effective immediately.

Carolee Cohen will become an Interim Associate Director, still reporting to Grant. She will assist Grant in his director duties as well as manage the OSF group of business analysts. Richard Toetschinger will report to Carolee. The intent would be to permanently fill the position of Associate Director in the future.

In the near future Carolee will name a Lead Business Analyst from among the current SF analysts to assist her with SF work direction.

WIlliam Dana will become the ASR Project Director for the PeopleSoft 9.0 upgrade. As we continue to ramp up for the upgrade William will begin to reassign his day-to-day duties with the intent of being on the project 100% when we begin in earnest sometime this summer. As people are moved to the project they will report to William for their project duties.

In the near future Grant will name another Lead Business Analyst from among the current SR analysts to assist with work direction.

Kristeen Anderson will become the Lead for ASR Business Intelligence (BI) initiative and will divide her time between the BI project and the Grad Ed project. Kristeen will now report to Sue Van Voorhis.

Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez will formally move to the Project and Work Management Facilitation group as a Lead. This is a formalization of the work that Santiago has been doing for the past number of years with a particular emphasis in the past year. Santiago will report to Grant.

Christa Nicols will continue to have duties in the Imaging Unit, as well as administrative support. She will also have duties in the Project and Work Management Facilitation group, receiving work direction from Santiago.

If you have any questions relating to these changes, please feel free to contact Grant.

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