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The following is an email sent by Sue Van Voorhis on May 11 regarding some current and upcoming organizational changes in ASR:

Good afternoon,

I am writing to inform you of some significant organizational changes within ASR. During the past year, the ASR directors and I have analyzed how we can improve our services, work more efficiently, and prepare for future changes. We have also engaged many of you in this process.These upcoming changes are related to projects that are large scale and ongoing, such as the PeopleSoft upgrade, Business Intelligence (i.e., reporting), and the graduate education transformation. Also, a move of many of our offices to Donhowe will happen at some point in the future. Rather than wait for that time to restructure, we believe it is best to prepare now to ensure that we can continue to seamlessly serve the University community.

Location of graduate education staff
As you know, three staff members from the Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) and one staff member from Graduate School Data Management (GSDM) will join ASR in July. The GSSP staff (Amber Cellotti, Renae Faunce, and Stacia Madsen) will be located in 160 Williamson Hall; this move will take place some time before fall 2012.

New student services center in Williamson Hall
Before the conclusion of 2012, a new student services center will be located in Williamson Hall. This location will include services and staff from One Stop, Third Party Billing (Shelia Rhody, Dawn Demaske, and Doreen Knutson), and graduate education student services. This new service will require space modifications in Williamson, and the most significant of which will be the reconfiguration of the current reception area into a One Stop counter. Ultimately, this change will mean that staff in Williamson will need to greet guests and meeting attendees. There will also be space changes to accommodate student contact and staff workstations. This new center is a pilot to gauge its effectiveness before a similar center would open as part of a future move to Donhowe.

Classroom Management updates
The closing of the reception area in Williamson will mean that Kurt Neiswanger, Office of Classroom Management (OCM), will no longer serve as the receptionist and will have different workspace in Williamson. Kurt will continue to work in OCM's scheduling unit as an event scheduler; he will take on some additional duties as well. Adam Howard recently joined the facilities operations unit, increasing OCM's role in the field (i.e., direct contact with customers) in order to provide better service. The Classroom Hotline has also reduced its staff by one position but will continue to provide the full range of current services to the Twin Cities campus community.

Staff changes in One Stop, the Office of the Registrar, and ASR-IT
Dan Delaney has accepted the position of Operations Analyst in the Office of the Registrar's (OTR's) academic records unit. Dan will report to Emily Holt and serve as a student academic records expert to support staff within OTR, collegiate units, and the coordinate campuses. Part of Dan's role will be to provide quality assurance of student records data and project support. Heather Peterson will serve as the Interim One Stop Manager for the Saint Paul One Stop location, in addition to her management duties at the West Bank location. As noted in an email you received last week, there have been several organizational changes in ASR-IT. In case you missed it, you can read the original email on the News & Notes blog. A new development since that email is that Travis Trautman has been appointed as the lead business analyst for student records.

We realize that some of these changes have staffing implications. The upcoming PeopleSoft upgrade will likely have an impact on our staffing as well; as current staff transition to that project full-time, we will need to continue to keep up with daily tasks with temporary assistance. It is our plan to fill positions as either new staffing lines, consultants or, in the case of the upgrade, as temporary backfill for positions.

I know change is challenging and even concerning. I hope this message has provided you with a clearer picture of a broad range of developments in ASR. If you have any questions about any part of this message, please contact your director or me directly.

Thank you for all your good work.


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