Hit 'Send' by mistake? You can take it back!

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The News & Notes team could hardly wait to share this Google gadget. How many times have you hit 'Send' on an email only to realize you forgot to include someone, included someone by mistake, or made a most unfortunate word misspelling? Well, now Google lets you manipulate time and space by 'undoing' a sent email. Here's what you do:

1. Go to your mail settings (that little gear thing in the upper right-hand corner)
2. Select "Labs"
3. Scroll down to "Undo Send"
4. Click "Enable"
5. Bask in the glory that is now

You have about 10 seconds (counting Mississippies) to take the message back. Send yourself a test if you want. After you send the message, you'll see a yellow bar at the top of your inbox that says "Undo." If you click this, it will take you back to your original message and you can fix whatever errors and your recipients will be none the wiser. Now, if only we had an undo for talking. Get on that, Google!

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