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With the advent of ServiceNow, many units and teams in ASR are using a central email address to manage work requests. Here are the central email addresses of teams in ASR that have moved to ServiceNow:

Coordinated IT Services Unit (CITSU) --
Web Team --
DARS Support --
Imaging and Files --
Communications --

Beginning August 1, these two groups will be using ServiceNow:

Student Records Training and Support Team --
Student Records Business Analysis --

If you contact a group who is using ServiceNow, you can expect to see more automated email messages from the system. Also, when a team member using ServiceNow writes you back that your request is complete, you should resist the temptation to write back with a "Thank You," as this will re-open the ticket. It's always good to say "Thanks," but send your appreciation in a separate email or by way of a phone call for these groups.

More teams will be hopping on the ServiceNow train in the coming months, so you can expect to see more central email addresses popping up. For more information on ServiceNow, contact Matt Nuttall.

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