Good questions for check-ins

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Paula Seeger in OCM passed along some useful information regarding staff and supervisor check-ins from The Management Center. Here are the three top questions they recommend to "get beneath the surface" during check-ins:

1. What makes you say that?

This is a good follow-up to all kind of statements -- from "things are going fine" to "The venue seems like they're not going to budge on the price." The idea is that you don't just want the surface statement -- you want what lies behind the surface statement, and this question gets at that.

2. What do you think?

If a staff member isn't sure how to handle a problem or move forward on a project, before you suggest a path to try, ask this question first. You might learn that your staff member suggests that solution herself -- or a better one.

3. What are you most worried about?

This question can open the door to all kinds of information and concerns that you might never hear about otherwise. You might think that staff members will tell you their worries without being asked -- but many won't.

Again, thanks to Paula (and to The Management Center) for these helpful tips.

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