The people in your neighborhood: Rebecca Kroening

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Rebecca was born and raised on a farm in Morris, Minnesota in a family with two sisters. Growing up, she learned to ride horses, bale hay, and milk cows. She said farm life made her independent. "You are isolated, so you find ways to entertain yourself," Rebecca said. "I feel growing up so close to the land made me a more serene and centered person."


Rebecca received her bachelor's degree in speech communication in 2000 from the U. She switched majors from art history to speech communication because she felt it was a more marketable degree. However, she has always had a love for the arts, especially architecture. Her favorite architect is Antoni Gaudi.

In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys making her own jewelry and reading. She enjoys well-written fiction, but really loves the thrill of a good mystery book. "I love puzzling things out," she said.

Traveling is an essential part of Rebecca's life. Twelve years ago, she took a month-long trip to Barcelona, Spain and had the pleasure of seeing her favorite architect's work in person. She frequently travels to Phoenix to visit her mother and has also traveled to Mexico, Munich, Venice, Salzburg, and Florence. When it becomes more affordable she would like to travel to Scotland, England, and the Netherlands.

As a One Stop counselor, Rebecca answers phones, responds to emails, and mans the One Stop counter. She also conducts the tuition audit and manages the academic calendar.

Rebecca specializes in multi-institutional students and her favorite part of the job is assisting students. "I have always had a job that involved helping students," she said. "There are so few jobs where you hear that you have made a difference in someone's life."

In her time at the University, Rebecca has worked in the Office of the Registrar and One Stop Student Services. She remembers when she worked at the old Information Desk in Williamson Hall.

"One time, these two young ladies asked me how to get to an appointment they had in the Darland Administration Building," Rebecca said. "I didn't know how to tell them that their appointment was actually on the Duluth campus."

After over 30 years of service to the University, Rebecca still loves her job. "The University and One Stop is such a pleasant place to work," Rebecca said. "I have had such incredibly good people as supervisors and coworkers, and I am happy to come to work. Life is too short to have a job you don't enjoy."

Fun Facts About Rebecca:

1. Her first concert was David Bowie.
2. She loves classical music, especially Bach.
3. She does not have a computer at home.
4. If she were wealthy, she would hire a personal chauffeur and cook.
5. She can't watch slasher films.
6. She had a cat who lived to be 21 years old.
7. When she was younger, she thought she may have been a lawyer.
8. She admires journalists like Bill Moyers
9. She has never married and has no children.
10. She loves science fiction movies.

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