The people in your neighborhood: Robert Bode

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Robert joined ASR a year and a half ago as a Business Process Analyst for the Graduate Education Transition team. When Robert isn't hard at work, he says he lives in "controlled chaos" with his wife and 11 children in Northeast Minneapolis.

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He has three biological and eight adopted kids who range in age from 2 to 16 years old. Several of his children have hidden disabilities from pre-birth exposure to alcohol or drugs. "The kids love having that many siblings, and the age groups tend to team up," Robert said.

And, when Robert isn't juggling 11 children at home, he provides valuable insight for the Graduate Education Transition team. He analyzes and streamlines student administrative processes in conjunction with the Graduate Student Services and Progress team. "Either the process stays within the Graduate School, or it is moved out and becomes an ASR process," Robert said. "If it become an ASR process, we work to improve it, if possible."

He is conducting much of the groundwork for the graduate progress to degree process. He has also worked on the adviser workflow and the documentation of processes for graduate student fellowships. He is currently working on implementing checklists in Campus Solutions so a graduate student can track his or her own degree progress in one place.

"We want to provide a student with a continual view of their degree progress," Robert said. "Checklists will be much more dynamic and will allow a student to see the progress of their degree as it is updated in Campus Solutions. We want to help students see their pathways to graduation."

Before joining ASR, Robert worked at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and at Metropolitan State University (St. Paul) as director of Financial Aid.

When asked what he does in his spare time, Robert joked, "What spare time?" His free moments often involve taking a few of his children out at a time to play golf or go fishing. Earlier this year, his family took a road trip to Seattle and visited Yellowstone National Park. He would love to take another trip with his kids and drive across the country.

He also enjoys watching movies with his children. "Being a father has made me a connoisseur of children's movies," Robert said. One of his kids' favorite movies is The Incredibles, which sometimes inspires fantastical thoughts. "If I were a superhero, my super power would be to control the weather," Robert said. "But 'no capes!'"

Fun facts about Robert:
1. His favorite movie is Casablanca.
2. His favorite book is Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.
3. He enjoys jazz music.
4. He loves to vacation in the Boundary Waters.
5. His favorite food is the salmon at Ivar's Salmon House in Seattle.
6. Robert's first concert was Chuck Mangione's "Feels So Good" tour.
7. He wanted to grow up to be a Blue Angels Navy Pilot.
8. f he could be any movie character for a day, he would be Sean Thornton in The Quiet Man.
9. His most memorable Halloween costume is when he dressed up as Indiana Jones.
10. He has a bachelor's degree in English and American literature from Brandeis University and a master of business administration from the University of St. Thomas.

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