State grant work (submitted by Deb Wilkin)

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Some may be interested to know that the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (MOHE) is exploring the possibility of changing the limit on State Grant eligibility from 4 years of full-time post-secondary attendance (as tracked by College state grant staff manually reviewing academic transcripts--go Michelle Boland!) to four full-time academic years of State Grant payments ( tracked by MOHE and electronically stored on their shared data base ).

MOHE recently asked for the University's help in identifying students and potential state grant award information for those students losing out on state grant eligibility due to 4 years of attendance rather than 4 years of payments. Identification of these students and the subsequent calculation of award information was no easy task, but thanks to Deb Edwards and Diane Ashby, the Office of Student Finance was able to provide the much needed information for MOHE's preliminary cost projection work.Nice going!

In 2011-2012 the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities disbursed $22,971,115 to over 6,400 undergraduate students.

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