The people in your neighborhood: Amber Cellotti

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Wisconsin native Amber Cellotti grew up in Little Chute, a town famous for the Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival. Amber and her two brothers, one five years older and one five years younger, grew up living and breathing this festival every summer.


"Since the festival takes place in the park right behind my parents' house, I spent many summers gorging on cheese and riding carnival rides - thankfully, none with a disastrous outcome!" Amber said.

She came to the U as an undergraduate student in 1999 and never left. As an undergrad, she worked in University Dining Services, in a biochemistry lab, and in the CLA Undergraduate Advising offices as a peer adviser. She received her bachelor's in communication studies in 2003 and then, shortly after, began working full-time as a Degree Program Adviser for GSSP in the Graduate School.

In July, the GSSP office moved from the Graduate School to ASR. For the past seven years, her position has been coordinator for the master's and certificate degree services.

Amber works with master's and certificate students as they progress toward degree completion by assisting them with paperwork, filing a thesis, and reviewing files for degree completion. "I also work with graduate programs and faculty to assist with students' time to degree," Amber said. "I interpret graduate education policies and manage student records to determine when a student is ready to graduate," Amber said.

Amber also just started the strategic communication master's program this fall. "I'm excited to go back to school and nervous at the same time," Amber said.

Amber's most interesting job was a summer one she had after her senior year of high school and first year of college building fire trucks. "For those who know me, this would not seem like an obvious summer job -- working retail? Yes. Building fire trucks? No," Amber said. "I was always the youngest person on my shift and sometimes the only female. Oh, I also learned to drive a forklift, which comes in super handy. Not really."

Two years ago in September, Amber got married at Summit Manor in St. Paul. Amber and her husband, Todd, currently have no kids or pets, but hope to add a puppy to the family next summer. Now, Amber lives in Roseville. "I enjoy the proximity to both downtowns and love living within walking distance to Central Park," Amber said.

In her spare time, Amber enjoys gardening, reading, dancing, and traveling. One of her favorite vacation spots is Door County, Wisconsin. "It offers opportunities to relax, enjoy the outdoors, and experience great vineyards all within a six-hour drive of the Twin Cities--do I sound like a commercial yet?" Amber said.

Amber and her husband have also traveled to St. Thomas (U.S. Virgin Islands). "We stayed at Bolongo Bay, which is a family-owned resort," Amber said. "It has a fantastic beach and a really relaxed atmosphere. I can't recall a time when I've been more relaxed or had more fun."

Amber Axioms
1. Her favorite movie is the Dead Poet's Society because it has all the elements--romance, drama, and humor in one movie.
2. She also loves comedies like Dumb and Dumber and The Big Lebowski.
3. Her first concert was New Kids on the Block.
4. When she has time, she enjoys salsa and ballroom dancing.
5. Amber and her husband own a rental property near campus that they frequently make renovations to.
6. She loves big band and jazz music.
7. She has a container garden on her deck, growing bell peppers, banana peppers, jalapenos, basil (thai and sweet), rosemary, and chives. Her cilantro, unfortunately, had an "untimely death."
8. She got engaged on Mackinac Island, Michigan.
9. If she could have anyone's job, it would be Great Hotels host Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel.
10. She grew up wanting to be a doctor and actually started out at the U as a biology major in the pre-med track.

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