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It's been almost five years since the launch of the ASR website, and a lot has changed in terms of the technology we have to support our web presence. As a precursor to giving the ASR website a face lift, communications and web staff have separated the content that is truly internal into a separate intranet. (This step is essential before we can revamp our website because the software that currently supports it is no longer feasible to maintain.) They are asking for you to review the test site and see what you think.

Note the custom search bar at the top that allows you to search both the intranet and the current ASR website for content. This means once the Intranet goes live, you should still be able to use it as your first choice to find resources related to your work in ASR.

Please send any feedback on the site to Ingrid Nuttall by Wednesday, October 31.

Once the intranet goes live, the content that is duplicated on the ASR website will be removed, and work will begin in earnest to update Questions about this next phase can also be directed to Ingrid.

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