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Originally from Anoka, Minnesota, Collin Haas has three siblings: one older brother and sister and one younger brother. His two older siblings are from his dad's first marriage, and they all live in the Twin Cities area.

Right now, Collin lives in Minneapolis. Collin and his boyfriend recently adopted a Shiba Inu puppy named Dallas. You may even know Collin's boyfriend, Jason Matheson. He is the co-anchor of the FOX 9 weekday morning show, "The Morning Buzz" and host of the "Jason & Alexis" show on the radio station MyTalk 107.1.

"I go along with him on public appearances a lot," Collin said. "It can be a little exhausting, because most weekends are busy."

When Collin listens to the radio show, he will occasionally hear his own name. "He does talk about me on air sometimes," Collin said. "It's interesting. I don't mind it, though."

One year ago, Collin joined ASR as a One Stop counselor. "I help students with any issues or questions they have related to financial aid, billing, and registration," Collin said. "It's nice when you help a student realize what types of aid are available to them that they didn't know about."

Collin also serves on the Strategic Operation Plan committee for One Stop. The committee, consisting of various One Stop staff, meets every other week and each member also serves on a subcommittee with other counselors. Then, the Strategic Operation Plan committee shares what the smaller subcommittees have been working on. "We address issues like employee morale/satisfaction, training/hiring, organizational effectiveness/efficiency, scheduling, and clearly defining policy/procedures and designing a protocol for unique situations," Collin said. "We then work as a group to implement ideas to improve these areas within One Stop."

When Collin first started last November, he worked in the STSS location. But, this July when the new One Stop location opened up, Collin moved over to 160 Williamson along with Jenny Scherber. Since then, Collin has been helping more Graduate Students and now works with Graduate Student Services and Progress (GSSP) staff pretty closely. "I'm a junior GSSP staff member," Collin joked.

Before beginning to work at the U, Collin worked at US Bank as a teller: a job that often sparked some awkward moments. "People tell you more than you need to know about themselves," Collin said.

Growing up, Collin wanted to be a pilot. "I love to fly," he said. "If I could have one superpower it would be to fly."

When Collin isn't working, he enjoys "lazy weekend days where I just watch a lot of 80's movies," he said.

He also loves music. Collin's everyday music of choice are artists like Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, and Ingrid Michaelson. But he also holds a soft spot for artists such as Lady Gaga and Adele. "Any diva will do it for me, really," he said.

Collin even went to Lady Gaga's concert last year and sat in the front row. "It was so amazing," he said. "It was the craziest show I've ever been to."

Collin's Clues:
1. Collin knows every line from the movie Titanic.
2. He loves spicy food, especially Mexican.
3. His first concert was Green Day.
4. If he could be any movie character for a day, he'd be Spiderman.
5. New York City is Collin's favorite vacation spot. "It's my home away from home," he said. "It's only as big as you make it."
6. Collin used to do theater.
7. The "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling and the "Da Vinci Code" by Dan Brown are two of his favorite books.
8. He wants to be a publicist.
9. Collin is afraid of wide, dark, open spaces and snakes.
10. One Halloween, Collin dressed up as Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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