The People in Your Neighborhood: Matt Tveter

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A few months ago, Matt Tveter started working for ASR's communications team as a Communications/Organizational Effectiveness Coordinator. He is the main communications contact for the Office of Student Finance (OSF).

Matt has his bachelor's in English and cultural studies and comparative literature from the U. Recently, he received his master's in strategic communication from the U as well. This experience has aided him in his work in ASR.

"My job is to make sure things are implemented as smoothly as possible," Matt said. "I work more on an interpersonal level and make sure everyone understands the process, that everyone's concerns are heard, and that everyone is aware of what is happening."

Matt says that the most important attribute to bring to this job is having a broad understanding of how ASR and the University work.

Working in a school environment is not unfamiliar to Matt. Previously, he worked at the Northwest Suburban Integration school district for seven years. He was responsible for helping them streamline processes, such as moving from paper-based formats to online.

Matt also taught English abroad for a few years in Spain and Taiwan. He worked primarily with kids and teens. His wife also taught abroad with him.

"It was an interesting job. I think the kids thought of me as a well-meaning, easily-confused troll because I have hair everywhere but my head and that fascinated them," he said. "I really enjoyed working with the kids though. They learn quickly at that age."

From teaching in two different countries, Matt is somewhat of a world traveler and an adventurer. He once went on a jungle trek with his wife through northern Lao. "It was an awesome experience. We went to various Hmong villages during the dry season, though it rained the whole time," Matt said. "Because of all the rain, leaches would attack us whenever we stepped in water."

He also vividly remembers when he almost walked into a bird-eating spider's web.

When he's not treking around the world and encountering frighteningly large spiders, Matt enjoys reading, watching movies, and going to museums. He loves to spend time with his family and go to concerts. He also enjoys writing. He has even written a science fiction book that is the process of being published. He especially enjoys doing anything in his favorite city: Minneapolis.

Though born in Fargo, North Dakota, Matt has adopted Minneapolis as his hometown. He moved around as a kid from Grand Forks to Minneapolis to Dallas, but Minneapolis is his favorite place to live. Currently, Matt lives in Northeast with his wife Holly and his two kids, four-year-old Layla and eight-month-old Sam.

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Though Matt has only been at ASR and the U for a few months, he has enjoyed his time immensely. Matt says that the best thing about working here is the atmosphere. "It's very supportive and positive," Matt said. "People are happy to be here and care about doing a good job. Being new, it's nice to know that I can ask for help and get it, without question."

Matt's favorite movie is Brazil.
Matt would love to be in Prince's shoes for a day because then he could "play the guitar and dance."
Matt is a Certified Thai Masseuse, something he says his wife convinced him to do (smart woman).
He wanted to grow up to be a baseball player.
If he could be anything, he would be a giant golden eagle.
The Rolling Stones in 1994 was his first concert.
Matt loves cured and dried meat. He also loves Asian and spicy food.
Matt loves musical artists with a unique sound.
In fourth grade, he once dressed up as the Hunchback of Notre Dame for Halloween.
He is a certified reverend and officiated a wedding.

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Brazil is in my top 3 movies. :D

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