The People in Your Neighborhood: Chris Dinger

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Chris Dinger considers science and technology an essential part of his life. When asked what two things he could not live without he replied, "a computer and the internet."

He has always loved science. Growing up, he thought he may be an astrophysicist or an astronomer. Chris ended up with a degree in computer science from Mankato State University and will receive his master's degree in software engineering this May.

Currently, Chris is the Web Team manager. "My job is to act as a filtering mechanism for the team," Chris said. "I try to manage the deluge of incoming requests so the team can remain focused and effective."

Chris has been a member of the Web Team for more than six years, originally starting out as a web developer. In January, he was promoted to manager. One project he has been heavily involved in is the development of the Tuition and Fee Management System. He writes code and develops several applications and systems for ASR.

"People on the Web Team are really passionate and that's great to work with," he said. "Everyone cares about what they are doing and they're excited to be at work everyday."

Before starting at the U, Chris worked at a private company developing medical software, including an ambulance dispatch system. He decided that he didn't enjoy working for a private company and came to the U because of its diverse culture.

"You get to work with so many different people at the U," Chris said. "I feel like I'm doing something that matters."

Chris and his wife, Agnes, currently live in Minneapolis with their six-month-old son Kai and their Pomeranian Coco. Chris is originally from Inver Grove Heights, while his wife is from Indonesia.


Chris considers himself a nerd. In his spare time, he tinkers with various web programming and technology devices to keep up with the industry. He calls himself a "hobbyist electrical engineer."

He enjoys being outdoors and camping. He is also an avid musician. "I have a music room in my basement, though I don't use it much now that I have my son," he said. "I can play the guitar, drums, keyboard, and the trumpet."

"Now people are going to know the depth of my nerdiness when they read this profile," he said.

Covalent Chris
1. Chris's favorite food is Indonesian street food.
2. He enjoys nonfiction books, especially physics books. The last book he read was The Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley.
3. Stone Temple Pilots was Chris's first concert.
4. The most adventurous thing he's ever done is travel across Europe for a month.
5. Chris' biggest fear is drowning. He went scuba diving once and said it was terrifying.
6. Chris says people would describe him as friendly, quiet, and nerdy.
7. If Chris could be anything, he would be a successful musician or rockstar.
8. Growing up, Chris' favorite TV shows were science shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy, Mr. Wizard's World, Newton's Apple, and Nova.

9. Though Chris considers himself a nerd, he hates video games.
10. His favorite vacation spot is Bali, Indonesia.

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